Staircase Design Trends of 2021

Staircases are the true backbone of your home, they serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, working to improve the quality and value of your home. The style of your stairs can ultimately control the flow and connectivity between your home’s levels, which is why so many homeowners find the design and appearance of their stairways of high importance. 

If you find that the flow and first impression of your stairway don’t match the style shown throughout the rest of your home, then it may be time to contact a stair manufacturer Auckland-wide.

Embedded Glass

There’s been an increasing popularity of embedded glass balusters to achieve a sleeker and more clean appearance in your home’s staircase. This design trend sees the handrail and base lining replaced with a light wooden material with an embedded glass panel (or multiple panels). This design provides a more seamless look that enhances the space of your upper level. Becoming favoured by homeowners who want to achieve a simple and minimalistic look with no metal components visible.

Black Oak

For many homeowners who want to create a bold yet airy appearance in their stairwell, white and light materials are always the first preference. This new design trend which incorporates black oak works on a different level to still maintain an airy feel in your stairwell whilst creating a monochromic and modern look. While most people would think that a solid black baluster and handrail would create a dark and heavy look, with the right complimentary styling it can actually work in your favour. 
If you’re diving fully into the sleek, monochrome aesthetic for the interior of your home, black oak is surely one to consider for your staircase design.

Wooden steps and Soft Vibrant Colours

Vintage and more rustic interior stylings have become a very popular style being incorporated into many modern homes. Incorporating soft and light staircases with a deep and dark wooden tread encapsulates this style in a modern manner. By following this method of dark flooring with light walls across your home then you can see your stairs blend into your home’s interior creating a continuous flow whilst still making a simple statement. 

Ceiling to Floor Bannisters

For a modern and contemporary home, a ceiling to floor bannister can create a high-end aesthetic that calls on a raw and natural element. This style is often used in settings where a sense of privacy is wanted that doesn’t completely close off the staircase from the rest of your home and compact the open feeling of your entrance or open plan areas. If you decide that this trend is the one for your home you should ensure that you choose a bannister width that isn’t too slim but won’t completely close up the appearance and light from your stairway.    

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