Stair Balustrades


If you are thinking of enhancing your home’s style and function, the staircase is an unexpectedly good place to start. A useful feature in any home, a new staircase and balustrade can also present many design opportunities for the stylish homeowner. Stairs can also be enhanced to improve their safety.

Incorporating stairway balustrades is an effective way of beautifying and adding safety features at the same time. Glass balustrades are increasingly popular in home design, and when you are installing one of our staircases, you can incorporate one of the balustrade design options we have on offer.

Beautiful Stair Balustrades to Complete Your Stairwell

As the leading manufacturer of staircases in New Zealand, Ackworth House designs balustrades that work perfectly with our staircases. We use industry-grade glass, steel, wrought iron and timber to create options that frame any of our staircase designs. Our team follows strict building requirements when constructing and installing staircases and balustrades for our clients, to ensure smooth, hassle-free processes.

Sturdy and stylish, our balustrades are a valuable addition to any space and perfectly complement our staircases. They secure the stairwell, minimising the risk of fall accidents, especially among children and older adults. They also lend an elegant touch to a bare staircase by instantly modernising it. The balustrade options we currently offer are made from glass, steel and timber and are designed to be used with our staircases.

You may click on the images below to see some examples of our stairwell balustrades.

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Glass Balustrades

glass balustradeglass balustrade glass balustrade

Steel Balustrades

Steel balustrade Steel balustrade Steel balustrade

Timber Balustrades

Timber balustrade Timber balustrade Timber balustrade