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Enhancing your home's style and function

Balustrades are a critical element of any staircase, providing a protective barrier to prevent falls while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the stairwell and your home.

When it comes to balustrade styles, there are numerous options to choose from, with the three primary materials being steel, timber, and glass.

Please note: We supply and install balustrades exclusively for projects where we also supply and install the stairs.

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Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades offer a perfect blend of function and form. Made from toughened, industry-grade glass, they provide robust protection while maintaining an elegant, minimalist look. Favoured by architects and interior designers, glass balustrades seamlessly integrate with contemporary interiors, instantly modernising any space.

When installed on a meticulously crafted staircase by Ackworth House, our glass balustrades deliver both beauty and performance for years to come. They create the illusion of a larger space, allow natural light to flow freely, and are easy to maintain.

We supply and install balustrades only for projects where we also supply and install the stairs.

A modern staircase with wooden steps descends alongside a long window and a glass railing. The walls are white with a geometric pattern on one side. The steps lead to a lower level with a wooden floor and a piece of abstract art hanging on the wall.A modern interior space with light wood flooring and a glass-framed staircase descending to a lower level. The wall to the left features horizontal wooden slats and a large world map artwork. The room has minimal decor and soft lighting.A modern staircase with glass railings and wooden steps. The stairs lead down to a landing with a view of a contemporary, spacious living room featuring large windows and a mix of stone and wood decor. Natural light illuminates the space.A modern interior features a floating wooden staircase with glass railings. Light streams through a wall, creating patterned shadows. A white cabinet holds a decorative horse head bust, while a minimalist line art piece adorns the wall above it.A modern, open-plan interior features a floating staircase with wooden steps and clear glass railings. Large glass sliding doors to the left reveal a view of an outdoor pool. The space includes light wooden floors and minimalistic decor, including a plant.A modern, open-concept interior featuring a wooden staircase with glass balustrades leading to an upper level. Below the stairs is a small wooden cabinet. A sideboard with decorative items and a large mirror hanging above it is against the far wall. Light oak flooring throughout.

Timber Balustrades

Timber balustrades are a timeless and elegant choice, adding warmth and charm to any home or office in New Zealand. They create a welcoming atmosphere and evoke a classic appeal, seamlessly fitting into both old and modern properties.

Sturdy and compliant with all New Zealand building regulations, timber balustrades provide ample protection for areas with drops over one metre. When paired with a beautifully crafted staircase from Ackworth House, our timber balustrades offer decades of service and sophistication.

Please note: We supply and install balustrades only for projects where we also supply and install the stairs.

A modern interior staircase with light wood steps and vertical wooden balusters. The staircase is illuminated by natural light coming from a large window on the left, offering a view of green foliage outside. The design is sleek and contemporary.A modern wooden staircase with vertical slats as a railing, positioned on a black-tiled platform. The stairs ascend from left to right, attached to a white wall. A small architectural model is placed on the black-tiled platform.A modern, minimalist interior featuring a sleek wooden staircase with vertical slats acting as a railing and divider. Two geometric pendant lights hang above, illuminating the warm wood tones. In the background, a dining area with a wooden table and chairs is visible.A modern, open-concept living space features a wooden slat staircase leading to an upper level. The room is well-lit with natural light through large windows. A blue sofa and a tall green plant in a blue pot add pops of color, and outdoor greenery is visible.A modern indoor wooden staircase with glass railings ascending beside a vertical wood slat partition. Sunlight streams in, casting patterns on the polished wooden floor. A modern chair is positioned near the staircase.A bright, modern interior features a wooden staircase with sleek, vertical wooden railings descending to a lower level. Sunlight streams in from a window, casting soft shadows. The lower level includes a hallway and a glimpse of a sitting area with a couch.

Steel Balustrades

Our steel balustrades are robust and capable of withstanding external stresses and high foot traffic, making them ideal for tough commercial environments and homes alike. Available in various forms, from shiny, polished grey to matte black, they offer both strength and style.

Steel balustrades do not compromise on appearance. Whether it's ornate wrought iron, simple steel rods, or laser-cut sheet metal screens, they can create modern, timeless, or traditional styles in any stairwell. When paired with a well-crafted staircase from Ackworth House, our steel balustrades enhance safety and aesthetic appeal.

Please note: We supply and install balustrades only for projects where we also supply and install the stairs.

A modern interior features a floating wooden staircase with black vertical railings. The background shows a spacious, brightly lit kitchen with a large island and lush greenery visible through large windows.A modern staircase with wooden floating steps and sleek metal railings is seen in a well-lit interior space. The stairs are attached to a wall on one side, with vertical metal bars on the other side, and lead up to a large window, allowing natural light to fill the area.A modern wooden staircase with metal railings ascends beside a large, sunlit window. The steps are floating, and the design is minimalist, offering a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Light floods in from the window, illuminating the space.A modern living room features a patterned metal room divider with intricate botanical designs. The space includes a patterned couch, a wooden coffee table, and dining area in the background. Air conditioning unit and a vibrant abstract painting enhance the contemporary decor.A modern indoor staircase featuring wooden steps and sleek metal railings. The railings extend from floor to ceiling, creating a vertical pattern. Natural light illuminates the area, highlighting the minimalistic and contemporary design.A set of wooden stairs with dark metal railings leads to an upper floor, with sunlight streaming in through nearby windows. In the background, part of a modern, stylishly furnished living area with a large chandelier is visible.
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