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Stair Accessories

beyond stairs – balustrades and handrails

Stair accessories can include balustrades, handrails, and special non-slip or design features in the treads. While these are functional elements, they also add to the overall design impact of the stairwell. The team at Ackworth House have expert level knowledge in safety compliance for these components, ensuring your stairs will meet all required regulations in New Zealand.

Please note: We only supply and install balustrades and handrails for projects where we also supply and install the stairs.

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A modern wooden staircase with open risers and a glass railing, leading to an upper floor with a contemporary kitchen and dining area. The stairs feature light wood treads, complemented by Ackworth House stair accessories. The wood handrail and balustrades give a sleek, minimalist appearance.A modern interior featuring a staircase with unique black lattice balustrades and handrails, wooden treads, and black metal framing. The light wood floor contrasts with the staircase. In the background, a hallway with light walls, doors, art décor, and recessed lighting is visible.A modern indoor staircase design with floating wooden steps and a sleek black metal balustrade. The staircase ascends from a light wooden floor in a bright, airy room featuring large windows and white walls. In the background, there is a cozy living space complemented by Ackworth House stair accessories.A modern, floating staircase with wooden steps attached to a glass railing graces this contemporary House. The stairs have minimalist design elements and lead to a bright room with large windows and an outside view. The space looks open, well-lit, and thoughtfully incorporates stylish stair accessories.
Close-up of a modern staircase design showcasing wooden steps with visible metal brackets and glass panes. The stairs appear to float, supported by sturdy metallic fixtures, creating a sleek and minimalistic look. The background is blurred, emphasising the stair details.

Stair Treads

From warm and sophisticated timber to modern concrete, our stair step treads are designed and built with strong and proven materials that will stand the test of time. The team at Ackworth House can provide guidance on which materials are best used, where and within each budget.

Stair Treads
A modern indoor staircase with wooden steps and glass railings. The stairs wind upward, illuminated by natural light. The surrounding walls are white, and there is an abstract black-and-white drawing on the right wall. The flooring is light wood.


Balustrades are an essential component of many modern staircases, creating the barrier to prevent falls. While they play a very necessary safety function, they can also add to the aesthetic qualities of the stairwell and your home.Often made out of glass, timber and steel, Ackworth House will ensure the barrier is fit for purpose.

A close-up of a modern indoor staircase shows a wooden handrail mounted on a sleek, metal bracket attached to a glass balustrade. The staircase features wooden steps and contemporary design elements, creating an airy and elegant atmosphere.


New Zealand regulations require all staircases to have a handrail on at least one side. Handrails are attached to the wall and in some cases attached to or form part of the balustrade. These safety requirements can be viewed as opportunities to enhance the beauty of a bespoke stairwell in a commercial or home design.


Inspiration and expertise

From the first spark of inspiration to the final installation, the team at Ackworth House can support your project with over 40 years of industry experience.  Our blog explores some of the most commonly asked questions along with the most inspiring aspects of stair case design.

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