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Commercial Staircases

A well-designed staircase can be the architectural focal point as well as a functional feature of a commercial space. At Ackworth House, our goal is to design and manufacture commercial building stairs that add aesthetic value to your establishment.

By combining clever commercial stair designs with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, we bring you a commercial staircase that is safe, functional and beautiful. We help architects and builders across New Zealand realise the potential of their designs and work to meet their expectations.

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Why Work With Us?

We work with contractors, architects and end users to bring commercial stair design concepts to life. Our team is used to working within a project’s schedule and the building’s physical constraints. We commit to the delivery of superior workmanship in all our commercial building stair projects and pay attention even to the smallest details. Our team subscribes to a professional and strict work ethic to meet - and exceed - your expectations.

We foster a collaborative partnership throughout the duration of a project: from concept, to design, to manufacture, and all the way to completion. Ackworth House involves you in the entire process so we can turn your visions into reality. It is this approach that has earned us a reputation for excellence and creativity.

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Stairs for Commercial Buildings

Ackworth House’s commercial stairs combine modern aesthetic and practical function. Their elegant appeal and space maximising, low maintenance design makes them a perfect addition to commercial spaces.

Our commercial stairs can be made with the material of your preference, providing you with a choice of timber, steel and glass. We also offer various designs for office building stairs, so you can choose the one that fits your space perfectly.

In a commercial situation, there is often a need for a non-slip and/or contrast nosing on the tread.

This can be easily achieved with stainless steel strips set 2mm above the tread with a contrasting timber in-between.

Commercial staircases and office building stairs are subject to daily use, often with heavy foot traffic. At Ackworth House, we use only high-grade materials to meet your project’s requirements and guarantee the staircases’ longevity. The components of our stairs go through an extensive quality assessment to ensure durability and aesthetic value. With clean lines and sleek, decorative details, our staircase designs are ideal for commercial establishments.

All of our staircase designs for commercial buildings follow strict safety standards. With each project, all building code requirements are automatically factored into the design by our stair experts. Whether you choose our floating stairs or the classic elegance of our timber designs, your staircase will be safe and code-compliant.

Stairs Fit for a Commercial Environment

Ackworth House’s office staircases combine aesthetics, safety and durability — the characteristics needed for high-quality commercial staircases. Our team of experts design, build and install stairs, focusing on a stellar customer-service experience for any industry.

All Ackworth House staircases are:

  • Customised to your space
  • Designed and installed by experienced contractors
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Covered by aftercare support

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Timber Staircases

Our craftsmen use different types of timber to create beautiful wooden staircases that blend in seamlessly with the rest of the interior space. All wooden materials are responsibly sourced and vetted by our artisans to ensure longevity. The workmanship is never compromised — each wooden panel is cut, stained and installed with the utmost care and precision.

Timber complements a wide array of interior design, from shops with a cosy atmosphere to expansive offices with an industrial feel. We can stain the wood in various colours, from warm honey hues to dark onyx. We can also add paint, so you can choose from a wide colour range.

Our wooden stairs can be paired with timber, steel or glass balustrade systems, depending on the requirements of your premises. The balustrades and railings provide additional support and reduce the risk of accidents at the workplace.

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Steel Staircases

Our steel staircases are a favourite among architects and business owners because of their durability and universal appeal. Although they complement various interior designs, they are popular in commercial spaces with an urban, modern atmosphere.

Since metal is malleable, our artisans cut, bend and shape the steel into whatever design you desire. Our wrought iron balustrades, for instance, can be as simple or ornate as needed to complement the style of your premises, including straight posts or decorative balusters with curves and scrolls. Our steel staircases come in different shades, too, from shiny metal grey to matte black. This versatility allows many businesses to develop a distinct look for their commercial space.

If you want to incorporate timber into a steel staircase, we can install wooden treads running up steel stringers. Alternatively, we can add wooden balustrades onto steel treads. The beauty of customisation is you can use different materials to suit your preferences.

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Transform your shop or office into a more elegant and functional space from a wide variety of stair designs. Call our Auckland or Whangarei office to discuss the stairs for your commercial building.

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Customised to your needs

Our showroom features various styles of staircases - from conventional stairs to floating staircases, we have a wide selection of designs for you to choose from

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Ackworth House


If there isn’t a design you like or that will suit your application we will make a custom design to meet your requirements.

Shown are a few pictures of custom projects we have completed.

Ackworth House

Steel central stringer painted grey, Maple L shaped treads and round profile handrail and glass balustrade panels.

Ackworth House

Saligna half circle steps and balustrading.

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Ackworth House


Whether you want a simple or sophisticated staircase, solid timber offers a range of options.

A combination of white paint and dark stained timber creates a beautiful traditional theme.

Treads and risers in the timber of your choice with undercut painted stringers provide a simplistic modern style.

Ackworth House
Ackworth House

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Ackworth House


Our conventional stairs are made with Pine stringers and flooring grade particle board treads and risers.

These can be covered with carpet or overlayed with timber flooring.

Having cut-out stringers adds another dimension to the stairs, which can be emphasised with a timber trim.

Ackworth House
Ackworth House

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