How to Care for Your Timber Staircase

It’s easy to understand why timber stairs are one of the most popular options when homeowners consult their staircase manufacturer. Adding warmth repel dust and dirt and are softer underfoot than steel and glass. While timber stairs may take a little more care to protect in the long run, they can offer added character and warmth to the interior of your home. 

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Timber Stairs

To give your timber stairs the longest life possible, maintenance and cleaning will always come in as the top method to achieve this. Some essential elements that should always be avoided to ensure your stairs’ best appearance and state include excessive water and sunlight and heavy impact with heavy objects. These materials can lead to your timber warping and becoming drastically damaged. 

Clean Regularly

Maintaining clean timber stairways is a straightforward method to maintain your staircase. Making it a part of your regular cleaning routine is a simple and effective way to make your staircase last longer. This entails cleaning and dusting all the little nooks and crannies of your staircase to protect its finish. 

Using Gentle Cleaning Solutions

In the occasion of a spill on your stairway, it’s essential to clean it up immediately; this should always be done with gentle cleaning materials. 
Many store-bought cleaning solutions are incredibly harsh and can actually damage many surfaces if you’re not careful. If you use the wrong cleaning solution on your wooden stairs, the wax and finish can be completely stripped off.
Your first choice should always fall towards a warm, soapy solution when you want to clean your stairs more thoroughly. If you opt for this method, you should always use small amounts and dry with a cloth after removing all water traces. 
If you insist on using a store-bought cleaning solution, test the solution in an inconspicuous area of your staircase to test how it impacts your wood. That way, if it does damage the wood, it’s in a place where nobody will notice.

Apply Protection

Regardless of how well you maintain your staircase, there will eventually be dents, dings, and scratches on the surface of the wood. This is why it’s so important to be applying wax or a protective layer to your staircase periodically; this will cover any dents and scratches and prevent any lasting damage. 
If you want to prevent damage or heavy traffic from being seen in the appearance of your stairs, you can also layer a runner down. A staircase runner can effectively protect your stairs against the wear and tear of daily use. Paired with regular cleaning, these forms of protection can keep your wooden staircase looking new and beautiful for years to come.

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