Steel is a favoured building material among homeowners, business people, architects and interior designers — and for a good reason. It gives the space urban elements while maintaining a warm and cosy atmosphere. Sturdy and sleek, steel has a universal appeal - from urban modern to rustic interior designs, steel’s versatility knows no limits.

These great features drive the popularity of steel staircases in the country, and Ackworth House has experienced its demand first-hand. We have been the go-to company for staircases made of steel — those that exhibit a modern flair and extreme durability. Our steel stairwells are some of the most well-liked products from our selection.

Steel Staircases for Different Interior Spaces

Ackworth House designs and installs steel staircases for homes and businesses in Auckland and Whangarei or anywhere in NZ.

Commercial Staircases

A commercial staircase is a major access route for staff and visitors to different floors. With the heavy foot traffic, the stairs are designed to be durable and safe. Our contractors ensure that your new steel staircase will accomplish both and enhance the experience of staff, customers and clients to the premises.

  • Meets Safety Standards – Our commercial steel staircase complies with relevant building codes for common access routes. Our balustrades, which are necessary for areas with drops of over 1 metre, are anchored firmly in place. Moreover, the handrails are easy to grip and to identify against the background. We can also provide recommendations on lighting and highlight potential obstructions in your store or office to increase the safety of the stairway.
  • Creates a Stellar Customer Experience – Your new staircase will leave a positive impression on anyone who visits your business premises. Elegant and imposing, Ackworth House steel stairs may become a focal point in every room and elevate the look of the space. Your staircase will enable people to access the upper levels with ease. Our staircases can match the appearance of your interiors. Whether you have an inviting layout or an industrial atmosphere, you can install a steel staircase that fits in perfectly.
  • Cost-Effective – On top of being a safe choice, Ackworth House steel stairs are a good investment. They are durable, so they will last for decades with minimal upkeep.

Residential Staircases

The steel stairwell in your home should blend in with the existing interiors and keep your family safe. By offering customisable options, we will build a staircase to meet your needs.

  • Tailored to Your Requirements – We consider the people using the stairs and how this affects the choice of design. For instance, are there toddlers who would climb the steps every day? Our contractors can incorporate greater safety precautions as needed in your household. We can make the treads wider, the risers lower and the handrails more useable for small hands. We can also use anti-slip materials on the treads.
  • Materials to Fit Your Home – Our steel staircases and balustrade systems can incorporate other materials, like timber and glass. Whatever the interior design of your home, we can design a staircase that fits right in. For instance, we can install timber treads on steel stringers and then finish it with a glass balustrade system.
  • Minimal Upkeep – Because they are made of high-quality metal, all of our residential steel staircases require minimal upkeep. They can resist a high degree of pressure. Once they are installed, the stairs are virtually unbreakable. They will withstand the test of time and give your family decades of service.

Timeless Elegance of Steel

An understated style is one of the main features that draw our clients to steel staircases. The building material’s ability to be shaped into whatever design you desire, makes it the preferred material in homes and commercial establishments. Interior designers often favour the material because it is a staple in high-end contemporary homes. Its versatility makes it a sophisticated addition to an otherwise bland space.

Floating steel staircases, in particular, give the room a sense of fluidity and ease the stiffness of angled structures. They have a clean, minimalist look that’s in vogue with the latest interior design trends.

Steel’s Sheer Strength

Steel, by nature, is a strong material. More builders are choosing steel in their projects as it is a durable and renewable material that does not lose its quality over time. You can rest assured that you’ll get many years of service from installing steel stair treads in your home or business establishment. You won’t need to worry that heavy foot traffic day in and day out will damage the treads; they’re resistant to wear and require little to no maintenance.

Moreover, our stairs can carry considerable weight for a long period. Unlike other materials, steel can endure a significant amount of weight without the threat of bending or breaking. Even if you go with concrete treads on steel stringer stairs, you can trust that our stairs are strong enough to withstand heavy loads.

Steel’s Unparalleled Support

If you prefer to have timber or concrete step treads but still want to incorporate steel into the design, we can build your stairs with steel stringers for a cohesive look. Pairing these materials with steel gives your staircase design added depth and a modernity that cannot be achieved with stringers made of different materials.

Steel has become a popular building material for architects and interior designers because of its versatility and inherent ability to blend in with any design. Moreover, its strength and durability allows it to withstand weight over the course of time.

Quality Steel Staircases

For decades, Ackworth House has designed, manufactured and installed many steel staircases for homeowners and commercial establishments from Auckland to Whangarei and everywhere else in New Zealand. Our years of experience allow us to offer structures made from the high-quality steel. Our projects exhibit superior workmanship that has left countless clients satisfied.

Customised to Your Needs

Our showroom features various styles of staircases – from conventional stairs to floating staircases, we have a wide selection of designs for you to choose from. We install durable stairs with steel stringers (you can choose from our Centrum, Lateralis, Suspendo, Serratus or Dualis models). You can also match it with timber, steel or concrete treads. Additionally, we attach handrails and balustrades for your chosen stairwell.

Achieve a contemporary and elegant space with our steel staircases. Contact us for enquiries.

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Customised to your needs

Our showroom features various styles of staircases - from conventional stairs to floating staircases, we have a wide selection of designs for you to choose from

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