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Ackworth House is a leading stair manufacturer in Auckland, working with architects, builders and end users to bring concept ideas to life. We achieve this through excellent workmanship and strong partnership with our clients.

We design, manufacture and install staircases for residential and commercial projects in Auckland. Our Ascendo Design series is an innovative design range engineered to suit the needs of residential and commercial spaces.

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5/17 Crowhurst Street, Newmarket
Phone: 09 280 4610

Call or email to book an appointment before visiting us to ensure one of our team is available to discuss your requirements.


Everybody envisions creating or redesigning their home in a way that reflects their own style and personality. After all, a house is not a home unless you are comfortable in it. This feeling of contentment in your own personal space can be achieved by surrounding yourself with design points that embody your character.

At Ackworth House, we build a staircase designed specifically to your brief. We manage the manufacture and installation of all the components of your stairwell, including treads, stringers, handrails and balustrades — just tell us what you want in your floating staircase and we will work to meet all of your wishes. Our team will work closely with you to develop a solution that meets your project needs and without going over budget. The finished product can range from conventional and elegant to contemporary and minimalist.


A staircase must embody a company’s culture and maximise the usage of space. As modern open layouts become more popular for office spaces, a beautiful staircase that is harmonious with a company’s style elevates the whole look. The elegant and space-efficient features of our commercial stairs make them the perfect choice for commercial establishments as we collaborate with you to draft, manufacture, and install the staircase that flatters your current design. As Auckland’s trusted stair manufacturers, we can guarantee that our commercial stairs have all been designed and manufactured to meet stringent NZ regulations to ensure the safety of everyone in your commercial establishment.

Staircases for All Kinds of Interior Spaces in Auckland

Create a staircase for your office or home that fits your existing interior space, meets your requirements and is safe.

Choosing Staircase Materials

Ackworth House uses two primary staircase materials: timber and steel.


Timeless and elegant, timber stairs give years of service and sophistication. Wood is a classic architectural material because of its beauty and durability. So it’s not surprising that this is one of our most popular staircase materials in Auckland. Your timber stairs will be manufactured with the timber of your choice, but you have the assurance that it will be made of vetted, responsibly sourced wood. All materials are inspected by our artisans to ensure longevity. We can stain the treads, risers and stringers in various shades, from warm honey to dark hues. To expand your choices further, we can paint the wood in a range of colours.


Steel staircases are perfect for homes and businesses with an urban, industrial feel, but they also blend in with warmer, homey properties. Its versatility is a strong selling point — it complements both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Our team cuts, bends and shapes steel into the design you envision. Since metal is malleable, your steel staircase can be as ornate or simple as you want. Our steel stairs come in various tones, from polished grey to matte black.

Improve Staircase Performance

Make your stairs functional by focusing on these elements.

Stair Treads

The treads provide functionality and appearance. To complement your home or business, we offer timber and concrete treads. They’re available in different profiles and styles, including L-shaped variants. If you need non-slip treads, we can apply stainless steel strips to the nosing.


Balustrades are barriers to prevent people from falling, and are required by New Zealand’s Building Code clause F4 for areas with over a 1 metre drop. Ackworth House sees to it that every balustrade system in Auckland is hardwearing and tough. All of our balustrades comply with the relevant building regulations.

We create balustrades from three different materials:

  • Timber Balustrades – These add warmth to the space and take any design form. Ideal for traditional and cosy interiors.
  • Steel Balustrades – These withstand high foot traffic and external stresses. Ideal for tough, industrial environments, but can also be designed for elegance.
  • Glass Balustrades – These do not block the flow of natural light, creating the illusion of a bigger space. Ideal for contemporary, minimalist interiors.

These balustrade systems are versatile so they can be paired with the staircase of your choice.


Handrails are installed onto the balustrades or the sidewall to improve safety. Choose between steel and timber handrails to match your stairs and balustrade system. We also offer a wide array of brackets to securely anchor the handrail.


A floating staircase offers a sleek and modern flourish to any residential space. We at Ackworth House have a series of floating staircase designs under our Ascendo Stairs collection. We have seven designs that can be further customised to your needs. To learn more about this collection, you can visit our Ascendo Stairs showroom located in Newmarket. It features the complete Ascendo range including life-size displays, showcasing the quality and rigidity of our designs. Book an appointment to visit our showroom. Our consultants will be there to demonstrate and discuss how the Ascendo stairs will benefit you.

To get started, call our Auckland office at 09 280 4610 or send us an enquiry.

Have Your Stairs Customised

Ackworth House has a diverse catalogue of designs. If you have something specific in mind, we can custom-build your ideas so that your new staircase fits the unique aesthetics and dimensions of your space.

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