Wood, Steel and Glass: Materials that Add Style to Commercial Staircases

commercial staircase

Commercial staircases range from traditional to contemporary designs. They add value to a commercial property through their aesthetic design and functionality. Choosing the right staircase for your property is all about considering its material, design and type.

Wood and steel are some common materials used to make classic or modern commercial stairs. As for the type, there are many selections to choose from such as the popular straight staircase or the elegant curved or spiral staircase. Besides the materials and types of staircases, you can choose between a classic or modern design.

Wood or Steel?

Wood and steel are two highly popular materials used for commercial stairs. Both materials offer long-lasting quality and strength while enhancing a staircase’s visual appeal. Wood offers a solid foundation for a commercial staircase of any type. This classic material can be complemented with any handrail or balustrade for both traditional and modern commercial settings.

While wooden staircases have been around for a long time, steel staircases have become popular in recent years. Steel staircases give a commercial space a clean, finished look and can be used in settings that feature complex designs.

Not all stairs are created equal. The team at Ackworth House pays close attention to every detail of your stair design, from the risers and treads to the nosing and handrails. With over 40 years of experience in designing and installing breathtaking stairs and commercial balustrades, you can expect perfection with every step.

Our designs for commercial stairs include:

Ascendo stairs

Our floating stairs feature stunning designs that give a feeling of sophistication and fluidity. They are the design of choice of many commercial property owners. Their sleek aesthetics makes them the perfect option if you want to add a touch of class in your stairwell.

Timber stairs

Timber is a classic choice for its strength, durability and timeless beauty. It strikes the perfect balance between modern appeal and classic elegance. Its old world sophistication makes it a favourite among homeowners, architects, interior designers and business owners. The versatility of timber also works well with other fixtures, making it attractive for those who love its natural appeal.

Steel stairs

Sleek and sturdy, steel has a universal appeal. From rustic interior designs to modern urban and industrial styles, its versatility knows no limits, which is why it’s the preferred material in many high-end contemporary homes, offices and commercial establishments. Its strength also provides you with a durable staircase design that will not lose its quality over time.

Floating steel staircases, in particular, provide any space with a clean and minimalist look that’s in vogue with the latest architectural trends.

Handrails and Balustrades

Another major element in stair design is the handrails and balustrades. Wooden handrails and balustrade add an earthy touch to the overall design of the space.

If you prefer a modern design, glass handrails and balustrades give your commercial staircase a clean look. They are a popular choice for contemporary commercial staircases since they allow open views that showcase all the space that surrounds the staircase.

Alongside Ackworth House’s stunning staircase designs for commercial properties, you can also choose from a range of beautiful balustrades to enhance your staircase’s style and function.

Glass balustrades

Glass is ideal for modern interiors as it creates the illusion of space and enables natural light to shine through, creating an open and airy atmosphere indoors. As well as looking ethereal, glass balustrades are exceptionally robust. Glass ages slowly, so it will maintain its quality and durability over time.

Additionally, glass balustrades offer excellent design versatility. If you use wood, stone and metal for the handrails, risers and banisters of your staircase, an expanse of glass will complement the entire look.

Steel balustrades

When it comes to balustrades, steel is the strongest material as it has high tensile strength and can withstand all sorts of weathering. This design is particularly popular in modern offices for its sleek and neutral look that matches any decor. It’s also highly customisable and can be moulded per demand or desire. You can choose from various intricate patterns to suit the interiors of your space.

Timber balustrades

Any wooden decor is a treat to the eyes. Timber balustrades offer the elegant and natural appeal of wood, lifting the ambience of any commercial interior space.

At Ackworth House, there’s a wide assortment of timber finishes and designs for you to create customised wooden balustrades. You can easily achieve a rustic and earthy appearance for your staircase design, adding a touch of the outdoors to your interiors.

Ackworth House manufactures well-designed commercial staircases made of timber, glass or steel. Our commercial stairs combine both modern and traditional design. If you have your own preferences, we can construct a commercial staircase based on your specifications.

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