The primary purpose of a balustrade is to protect people from falling off stairs. For stairways with heavy foot traffic, the strength of the material used for balustrades is crucial — Ackworth House’s metal balustrades provides tough, durable and long-lasting protection whatever the environment.

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Despite its strength, appearance is not compromised. Wrought iron is a versatile material used in interior design, and can be cut, bent and decorated according to your existing space.

Paired with a well-crafted staircase from Ackworth House, a wrought iron balustrade will make your home or business safer and more attractive.

Wrought Iron Balustrade: For Tough Environments

Our steel or wrought iron balustrades complement residential and commercial spaces, and perform excellently in places that need secure railings.

Extremely Secure

Once installed, steel balustrades cannot be bent or damaged under ordinary circumstances as the balusters are anchored firmly into the staircase. The metal posts can resist a high degree of impact and a huge amount of force, and provides a practical solution while maintaining the overall design aesthetics.

Durable and Low-Maintenance

Steel balustrades withstand time, pressure and stress. They remain beautiful and strong after decades of wear and tear. Metal is a more robust material compared to glass and wood. Its hardness is amplified when it is processed and crafted by our artisans, making metal balustrades a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, they do not need extensive upkeep –– just regular cleaning.

Elegant and Sleek

Whereas wood gives off an old-world charm, and glass feels modern, metal balustrades are an interesting mix of both. They are elegant enough to blend into old, heritage properties, especially when topped with a wooden handrail. However, their clean lines and neutral colours make the space look contemporary. It is safe to say that it has a timeless appeal that can blend into every kind of interior space.


Metal is malleable; it can be formed into anything from straight posts to wrought iron curves and scrolls. Colours include sleek, matte black and shiny metal grey. The handrails can be light-coloured wood, dark-stained timber or stainless steel. Our craftsmen can create the exact balustrade system you envision.

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Steel Balustrades for Any Interior Space in NZ

Our steel balustrades come in a wide array of colours and designs to suit your home or office. Browse our gallery to see the systems crafted for previous clients. If you have something else in mind, our contractors will be happy to design and build it for you.

Metal Balustrades by Ackworth House

Ackworth House has built a reputation for creating stainless steel balustrades that last. The wrought iron projects we installed for our first clients still stand today, bearing testimony to the quality of our workmanship.

Convenient Process

Our process covers everything from design and installation to aftercare. You enjoy the convenience of not having to work with different contractors to build and install a staircase and balustrade system. We take care of everything.

Vetted Materials

All metals used for our balustrades are responsibly sourced and vetted by seasoned artisans. This high standard for material quality is one of the reasons our wrought iron work lasts for decades.

Attentive Customer Service

No matter how simple or ornate your balustrade requirements, they will receive full attention and dedication to detail from our team. Our design consultations are comprehensive, so we can capture your vision accurately.

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