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A modern staircase with wooden steps and glass railings. The space is well-lit with natural lightA modern outdoor staircase with wooden steps and black metal railings ascends alongside a building with a concrete block facade. The building features vertical wooden accents and a tall, narrow window reflecting the surroundings.A modern staircase with wooden steps and sleek black railings, leading to an upper floor with a glass balustrade. The design is contemporary, set against a white wall. A framed artwork hangs in the background on the left.A modern staircase with dark wooden steps and a glass railing. The stairs ascend and turn right with glass windows providing views out

Concealed timber strongers

The undercut stringers of Concelare provide robust support for the treads from beneath, making the treads the centrepiece of the staircase.

Statement treads

The design highlights the treads, making them the focal point of the staircase.

Customisable timber and stain

You can choose the timber and stain to either contrast with the stringers for emphasis or match the stringers for a cohesive look.

Enhanced aesthetics

The undercut stringers enhance the overall aesthetic, allowing for a sleek and modern staircase design.

A beautiful wooden staircase curves upwards. Timber handrails are under lit by white lights

Commercial Staircases

A commercial staircase is a major access route for staff and visitors to different floors. With the heavy foot traffic, the stairs are designed to be durable and safe. Our contractors ensure that your new steel staircase will accomplish both and enhance the experience of staff, customers and clients to the premises.

Commercial Staircases
A section of a high quality wooden stairscase bathed in sunlight

Custom Residential Staircases

Because they are made of high-quality metal, all of our residential steel staircases require minimal upkeep. They can resist a high degree of pressure. Once they are installed, the stairs are virtually unbreakable. They will withstand the test of time and give your family decades of service.

Custom Staircases
A modern indoor wooden staircase with sleek lines and a minimalist design. The stairs are made of rich, dark wood, contrasting with a light-colored wooden floor and a vertical metal railing.
View through vertical metal bars shows a wooded landscape in the distance. The foreground includes part of a modern building with rectangular windows
A modern floating wooden staircase with glass railings is illuminated by natural light. The steps appear to be attached to a minimalistic metal frame, creating a sleek and contemporary design
A modern indoor space featuring a wooden staircase with black railings, a hardwood floor, and a large window on the left.
A modern, minimalist staircase with wooden steps and a thin black metal railing is visible through large floor-to-ceiling windows of a building.
A modern house interior featuring a staircase with wooden steps and black metal railings. The staircase leads up to the second floor. The walls are a mix of white and exposed brick
A modern indoor space featuring a wooden staircase with black railings, a hardwood floor, and a large window on the left.
A modern staircase with wooden treats and a glass balustrade winds up to a second floor. Below the stairs a wooden floor is well lit
A modern, two-story house with large glass windows and a flat roof. The upper floor features a corner balcony. The exterior is sleek and contemporary, with a predominantly gray facade. Tall grasses and blue sky are visible in the foreground and background.
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Working with Ackworth House

When you work with our team, you will get nothing short of excellent workmanship and service.  With four decades of experience in the manufacture, supply, construction and installation of high-end architectural stairs we have developed a process that allows us to deliver excellence every time

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Elegantly designed and skillfully crafted staircases, backed by assistance and advice from the first spark of inspiration to the final installation.