Glass balustrades strike a balance between function and form. Made of tough glass panes, they protect people from falling. Although they appear dainty, glass is one of the most durable materials for balustrades.

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Its appearance is what makes it a favourite among architects and interior designers. Glass has a seamless, minimalist look that blends in perfectly with contemporary interior designs. It instantly makes the space look updated and modern.

When installed on a well-crafted staircase by Ackworth House, our glass balustrades will give you beauty and performance for many years.

Glass Balustrade: Dainty and Durable

The durability and cost of a glass balustrade in NZ makes them a worthwhile investment and value for money.

Structurally Sound

Ackworth House glass balustrades are made of industry-grade glass that can withstand a high degree of impact and force. Because they withstand stress, they are ideal for common stairways that accommodate high foot traffic, especially in busy commercial environments. They are also a safe choice for homes with children and pets.

Our glass balustrades are anchored securely on the treads using disc anchors or internal clamps. They also support the brackets on which the handrails (steel or timber) are attached.

Creates the Illusion of a Bigger Space

Unlike steel and wooden posts, glass provides a clear view of the treads and risers and an unobstructed view of the entire lower level.

Moreover, glass balustrades do not block the flow of natural light in the building. This makes the floor feel more expansive and airier. As such, it makes the space seem larger than it appears.

Adds Sophistication to the Room

Steel and wood are the traditional choices for balustrades. Glass is a more unconventional material, and it is chosen primarily for its sophistication.

Glass balustrades can make the room feel modern, whether installed on wooden or concrete staircases. Because of its transparency and smooth texture, it perfectly complements other materials used in interior design, including metal and stone.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our glass balustrades do not need an extensive maintenance routine. They are easily cleaned with commercial cleaning agents and a lint-free cloth. Its smooth surface — free of intricate designs — can be wiped down in a matter of minutes. We will discuss more specific aftercare practises, but rest assured that your balustrades will remain in pristine condition without much effort.

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Glass Balustrade for Any Interior Space in NZ

With a wide selection of handrails, brackets and anchors, our glass balustrades come in many forms. Although the glass panes are a common feature, their combination with other components of different materials makes each stairway design unique.

Browse our gallery to see the glass balustrades we have manufactured for previous clients. If you have something else in mind, we can design and install it for you.

Glass Balustrades by Ackworth House

With an extensive and impressive portfolio, Ackworth House is one of the leading glass balustrade manufacturers in Whangarei and Auckland.

Whether residential or commercial, our clients enjoy:

  • A Convenient Process – We shoulder everything from design and manufacturing to installation, so you do not have to work with multiple contractors.
  • Vetted Materials – All the glass panes we use for balustrades, along with timber and steel for handrails, are inspected thoroughly by experienced artisans for quality and safety.
  • Client-Focused Service – We provide attentive services, regardless of the size of the project.

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