What to Look for When Choosing your Next Balustrade

A new or renovated home brings so much joy and happiness, but most often neglect the stairs as a key architectural structure that links the downstairs with the upper floors. One easy way to enhance your home or office’s function as well as its style is to optimise the staircase, often the centrepiece for most homes. One such way to add style is with the balustrades systems on your stairway which line the edge of the staircase to prevent any falls while also serving as a handrail. With an array of different designs the opportunities are plenty for finding your ideal balustrade. Here we will address the options you have to give you a full picture on what your balustrade options are before you purchase.

Timber Balustrade

Here at Ackworth House we have three main types of balustrades; timber, steel and glass. Each has their own unique style and feel. We are going to look at each of them and help you to decide which meets your design idea so you can create the perfect home or office. Timber balustrades are an elegant and timeless feature which will add warmth which will in turn create a warm and welcoming manner regardless of if it’s an office or a home. Timber is a fantastic choice for its versatility and elegance, and you can be sure it will not go out of style. We source the highest quality timber so you can rest easy knowing that they will protect and stand the test of time. An exquisite addition to the older properties allowing it to blend in with its features, timber balustrades add a touch of class to new homes too with their versatility and are sure to enhance and compliment any space, whether modern or mature.

Steel Balustrade

Alternatively, you may have your eye on a steel balustrade instead. If your office (or home) has a high level of foot traffic, a steel balustrade may be a better option for their use of strong materials helping to provide a long last, tough and durable protection. The use of steel or wrought iron although strong is not lacking in visual appeal, as they can be cut and bent and crafted to utilise the décor in your home to give it a classic finish. Ideal for any age home, metal balustrades combine clean lines and neutral colours to offer an amaranthine look. With low maintenance required on our steel balustrades, they are a worthwhile investment for your home or office and with our wide range of colours and designs, we are confident we can create the perfect balustrade for you. Not to mention our team of contractors who are more than happy to design and build one if we don’t have one that suits you.

Glass Balustrade

Lastly, you may want to opt for a glass balustrade, with its seamless and minimalist look. A beloved among architects and interior designers, for their ability to enhance the size of the room and allow natural light to penetrate the room. This creates a far more expansive and airer room which cannot be achieved with wood or steel balustrades. A key feature of a glass balustrade is its ability to make a room feel modern and pairs perfectly with wood, or concrete stairs, giving you additional design flexibility and adding a touch of sophistication to any stairwell. Our glass balustrades come with a wide choice of handrails, brackets and anchors which allow many different combinations, meaning no two balustrades are ever the same. We use industry-grade glass to give you peace of mind whether you have children or high foot traffic, our glass balustrades can withstand stress and a high degree of impact and force.

Final Thoughts

Before you make a final decision, it is important to balance functionality with the aesthetics, check whether the design of your balustrades will impede accessibility, as this is first and foremost about safety. This is where considering the strength of your chosen material, size, and style all need to be designed in a way that will enhance rather than hinder your space. When choosing the desired material for your balustrades it is important to pick something that will lend itself to the existing structure you are working with. Lastly, consider how light your home is, a glass balustrade is one way to increase this, creating a seamless transfer between floors, but may not match the interior design of your house. The team at Ackworth House are more than happy to talk through the available options and bring your ideas and desires into reality within your home. Feel free to fill out the enquiry form or book a consultation at our Auckland and Whangarei stores.

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