How to Modernly Renovate Your Interior Stairs

While many stair designs have proven timeless, some no longer fit into present home styles. Stairs are usually the focal point of your home seen from the front entrance; it means your entire home can really be judged by the look and condition of your stairs. Auckland’s Ackworth House wants to help recreate that first presence without having to completely rebuild the centre function of your house. 

Remove Carpet

A majority of homes have carpeted stairs, they were popular a couple of decades ago, and still are if styled right. Carpeted stairs are beneficial to those who want a more soundproof stairwell that’s also slip resistant. If adding carpet in a newly built home the general consensus is the thicker the better. These modern homes are opting for cleaner lines and low maintenance styles, think thick neutral carpets that match the current stylish interior created through the rest of the house. 

If you’re ready for a change and want to get rid of the thin and worn carpet from your stairs, it’s a simple but highly effective option. It can be as simple as revealing the hardwood structure underneath to bring your stairs into the current decade. If you want to achieve a polished finish, you’ll have to give your stairs a good sand and clean removing the grime accumulated over years, before getting that natural wood pattern. 

Use What You’ve Got

If your stairs have good character, you might only need to give it a nice makeover stain. Staining is an easy solution to refresh faded, chipped, uneven toned, and out of style stairs. A new coat of stain and burnish will highlight the natural markings of the wood. There’s no reason to get rid of an already perfectly functioning stairwell just because they’re looking a bit dated.

It’s important to check the integrity of the stair before taking any renovations on. If the structure of your stairs isn’t in the best condition, it’s worthwhile to get them replaced or fixed before starting any renovations. 


Replacing dated handrails with more modern styles is another crucial step in renovating your stairway. Carved and chunky wood handrails have long been outdated, consider choosing a style made with iron or sleek wooden railings for a simple and minimalist style.


The material of your balusters can completely change the style of your stairway.  

Timber can provide warmth, visual texture and comes in an extensive range of tones. Glass, while it tends to be pricier, is a great option to open up the space around your staircase and can draw in light improving its sense of warmth. Stainless steel is robust and versatile, and pairs well with different materials like wire for a minimalist look. Steel is another similar material to use if you’re looking for a baluster material with a wider range. Steel is also a great option if you’re looking to create strong architectural lines.


A majority of modern stairwells incorporate light to create an open and inviting space. It’s become a large trend in modern stairwells and across most home designs to incorporate as much lighting as possible. It can be as simple as placing some lighting at the edges or underneath the steps to bring illumination and give a sense of contemporary lighting. 

Appropriate lighting can also benefit the visibility and safety of the stairway. Lighting can reduce the hazards of stumbling down dim stairs or the hassle of fumbling for the switch. This is especially advantageous to families with children and elderlies. 

A staircase is a central aspect in any home, they’re functional, but can also be an aesthetically pleasing element setting the tone for the whole home. Ackworth house has been working in the design and installation for NZ stairs for over 40 years. If you have any questions, want to view our large range or need more information about updating your staircase get in touch with us by sending an enquiry on our website.