Choosing the Right Staircase: Everything You Need To Know

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We love being able to add a striking feature or a sturdy, quiet beauty in our customers’ buildings. If you are looking for designer staircases, you have come to the right place. We value our customers’ satisfaction, and we want to help you every step of the way, starting from deciding which stairs to get. Here is a guide we would like to share with you on deciding on the kind of stairs you need.

Start at The End

photo-of-a-road-with-start-hereBefore beginning any project, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of your end goal. When it comes to designing a staircase for your commercial or residential property, no two jobs are the same. Staircases are a functional fixture in a property but are also a chance to showcase individual design, style, and add to the aesthetic value of a space.

Take into consideration what the purpose of your project is. Understand how much space you need and how much you have to work with. Staircases are naturally high traffic areas although the flow and amount can vary depending on your property. Ensure your designs factor this in and are made to facilitate your needs.

Every site has its own specifications. You need to look into the current structure you have to work with in order to optimise your outcome. Changes will need to be made to your designs depending on these specifications, so it is important not to overlook them.

Before choosing your materials, it is important to understand what materials will suit certain applications. If you need versatile designs that twist and turn stainless steel may be the right choice for you. If your property has a modern, sleek existing design go for a cohesive look with floating stairs and glass fixtures for a minimal stylish outcome.

This is the fun part. Do you want floating stairs with open risers? Or would you prefer a traditional staircase and balustrade? We have a wide range of designs you can choose from, but we can also work together to create customised stairs for you.

Before contacting your manufacturer have a clear idea of your objectives. This way it will be easier to communicate, collaborate, and end on a finished product that matches your needs and expectations.

What to Consider When Deciding On Design:

  • Standard size of stairs for residential or commercial properties
  • Your personal style/aesthetic
  • Specific uses/functions you may require
  • How much floor space for stairs you have to work with
  • What is the ideal stair angle to work with
  • What design staircase will suit your interior


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Every project has its own budget. Do your research and speak to the experts to ensure you have a sound understanding of how you can work within your budget to get the results you’re after. A good budget requires planning for the unexpected. Ensure you don’t blow your budget on finishing’s and fancy fixtures without investing in good materials and structural elements.

Different materials and designs will come at different costs. If you’re looking for a cost effective solution be sure to get your quotes in your planning stages.


Every material will have its own pro’s and con’s. When it comes to staircases there is no one size fits all formula, so it is important to find what works for you. Being such a dominant design feature of your home or property the choice of materials you make for your staircase is crucial.

What To Consider When Deciding On Material:

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  • Installation – Timber fixtures can be installed quite easily, as can steel
  • Finishes – Certain materials like timber will need to be stained or finished to protect them where as steel and glass do not require as much finishing
  • Versatility – Steel lends itself very well to custom designs where as other materials are a little more traditional in style
  • Durability – If you have kids, pets, or high traffic staircases opting for higher durability materials like concrete, timber and steel are a great choice – Glass however will require a little more care and maintenance to look after

You can ask yourself; do you want your stairs to stand out or tastefully blend in? We can paint the stringer to match your surrounding décor or a contrasting colour to make it a statement. The timber treads can also be stained to match your timber flooring or choose a different finish to make your stairs the real wow factor!

So if you have more questions on stairs, let us hear about it. With our years of experience in designing and building stairs, Ackworth House can help you.


If you are starting with a new building, you might have more liberty with choosing how big you want your stairs to be and where you want to place them. For commercial buildings, how many people do you think will be going up and down the steps at the same time? For homes, would you like the stairs to be just wide enough for your hand to reach the hand rail easily, or do you want more open space? Will the space in your building allow for a straight flight or will you need to have a landing or turns?

If you are renovating, we will need to get the dimensions of your existing stairs. You will have to decide if you want bigger stairs and if you are willing to rearrange existing furniture or fixtures near the stairs.


floating staircaseMaking stairs look good is one thing and making them functional is another. Yet something that should always be a priority is making sure your stairs are safe. Railings and banisters are an important part of staircase designs that ensure this safety is provided.

Creating designs that keep you safe doesn’t have to be boring either. Banisters and balustrade systems are a great way to add an ornamental or stylish touch to your staircase too. Glass bannisters provide a great option if you want to keep things light and open without restricting any visibility. A stainless steel balustrade can also be bent and shaped into intricate designs that add value to your interior spaces. Wooden balustrades also offer safety reinforcement in classic designs.

If you’re ready to build the staircase of your dreams and take your interior design up a step talk to the expert team at Ackworth House. We’re here to help with your enquiries and apply our industry knowledge and experience to create the right outcome for you.

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