5 Reasons To Choose Steel


When it comes to designing your home or commercial spaces, trends are always changing. We each want to create something modern and aesthetically pleasing while ensuring it will remain timeless and functional too. Steel balustrade systems provide endless opportunity to adapt to any space and style, giving them sleek aesthetic appeal that will stand the test of time.

Here are our top 5 reasons to choose steel for your next project:


While from the outside balustrades are seen as largely aesthetic and ornamental, first and foremost their purpose should always be safety. The safety of your balustrades should always be your top priority and this function should never be outweighed by their form. The sheer strength of steel means that they can easily hold weight, keeping everyone safe while still being able to be bent and shaped into unique, eye-catching designs.


When it comes to your property any fixture that is low maintenance is always a bonus. As staircases are often areas of very high traffic, choosing a material that is quick and easy to clean and can withstand this traffic is crucial. Unlike other materials, steel will not deteriorate if installed and coated properly to begin with. Your balustrades won’t need replacing and aren’t ever likely to chip, dent, or break easily at all which means maintenance should always be as simple as a once over wipe!


Another important factor when it comes to installing anything in your residential or commercial property is durability. With rust being the only real risk to the durability of steel fixtures, so long as they have been properly coated and kept clean this should not be an issue. Steel is easily one of the strongest materials on the market meaning it is an obvious choice when looking for something durable and long-lasting. Rest assured your steel fixtures won’t show any signs of wear and tear any time soon thanks to their industrial grade strength.


If you’re looking to get the perfect custom design fixture that looks a million bucks but doesn’t cost it, then steel is a great option. Another factor that comes into consideration regarding affordability is the fact that steel will last for decades. You won’t be spending money on regular maintenance or hefty repairs on steel either. Installation, customisation, and the materials involved with steel balustrades in general are more affordable than their wooden or glass counterparts.


Everyone wants to be able to add their own touch of style to their home. Steel provides a greater range of options when it comes to truly customising your outcomes. Steel can be formed to fit existing structures or molded to create totally new ones. No matter what era, location, structure, or design brief you are working with, steel is totally customisable and will allow you to achieve the desired outcome every time.

Steel is not only a durable, reliable material but one that is equally admired for its aesthetic qualities. From sleek modern designs to timeless classic fixtures. Steel will last decades without ever looking a day older than when it was installed. If you’re looking to install the perfect custom steel balustrades get in touch with our team today!