If you are thinking of enhancing your home’s style and function, the staircase is an unexpectedly good place to start. A useful feature in any home, a new staircase and balustrade can also present many design opportunities for the stylish homeowner. Stairs can also be enhanced to improve their safety.

Balustrades may single-handedly elevate the look and functionality of your interior space. They line the edge of the staircase, preventing people from falling and providing a sturdy anchor for the handrail. The classic balustrade system in NZ consists of uniform, evenly spaced posts topped by a rail. In contemporary styles, the balustrade can be panes of industrial-grade glass that lend stairs a sophisticated appearance.

Incorporating stairway balustrades is an effective way of beautifying and adding safety features at the same time. Glass balustrades are increasingly popular in home design, and when you are installing one of our staircases, you can incorporate one of the balustrade design options we have on offer.

A Versatile Addition

Balustrades have been around a long time because they serve a crucial function — they prevent accidents and protect people. As such, they are necessary not only on staircases but also on balconies, decks and other spaces with drops of over one metre. Balustrades also serve as a decorative barrier that fences people in and, as a bonus, add architectural flair to the property.

Ackworth House designs, engineers, manufactures and installs a wide range of compliant balustrades for every staircase.

Modern Home and Office Spaces

Choose from glass, steel and timber, which are the three most durable options for the modern home or office space. As an established balustrade supplier, we have the resources and experience to create a safe, stylish barrier solution for every interior.

Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades

Our glass balustrades are made of industry-grade glass with high strength and durability. Perfect for your home or office, it creates the illusion of a bigger space and does not block the flow of natural light within the premises. It’s easy-to-maintain and makes your space look instantly modern.

Steel Balustrades

Steel Balustrades

Our steel balustrades are robust, being able to withstand external stresses and high foot traffic. Made of highly durable materials, they suit tough commercial environments, but they are also perfect for homes. After all, our steel balustrades take different forms, from the shiny, polished grey to matte black posts.

Timber Balustrades

Timber Balustrades

Wooden elements never go out of style, and the same goes for timber balustrades. Made of sturdy, responsibly sourced wood, our timber balustrades are durable, even though they require minimal upkeep. They add warmth to any space and complement almost all environments, from cosy homes to busy business premises.

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Choose Stellar Balustrade Craftsmanship

Ackworth House has a reputation for durable and beautiful staircases across New Zealand. Our clients trust our process and workmanship, as they have done for decades. In return, we provide attentive service and well-crafted balustrades that steal the show in every room.

When you work with Ackworth House, you:

  • Enjoy a Convenient Process – We follow an all-in-one process that covers consultation, design, installation and aftercare. This eliminates the tedium of working with different suppliers and contractors.
  • Use Excellent Materials – All our wooden, glass and metal materials are sourced from vetted suppliers. We choose materials that will not compromise aesthetics and quality.
  • Get Professional Advice – Our team has been designing, building and installing balustrades for years. You’ll receive specialist advice honed by decades of experience.

Call us today for enquiries about our materials, process or specialists.

Discover Our Balustrade Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your balustrades and staircases meet the NZ Building Code requirements?

Yes, all Ackworth House staircases and balustrades, including custom projects, follow the relevant building codes. With a wealth of experience, our specialists build compliant staircases and balustrades in residential and commercial interior spaces.

How do I choose the right material for my balustrade?

Since all our balustrades are by nature safe, we suggest you start with aesthetics — which material would look best in your home or office? As a rule of thumb, wooden balustrades complement older properties in a traditional style, whereas glass tends to fit in a minimalist, contemporary space. Steel also fits in contemporary homes but are better suited to spaces with an industrial feel. There are a lot of nuances in the choices, however. We recommend a consultation with our experts to bring your vision to reality.

How comprehensive should the upkeep be?

Generally, our balustrades require minimal maintenance, so you do not have to put together an intensive upkeep regimen. Specific maintenance measures will be discussed by our specialists during your consultations.

For Safe, Stylish Balustrades

Get in touch with our specialists to discuss your preferred balustrade material and design. When you need guidance, send us an enquiry and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options.

Customised to your needs

Our showroom features various styles of staircases - from conventional stairs to floating staircases, we have a wide selection of designs for you to choose from

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