Ascendo Floating Stairs

Floating stairs are stunning and give a feeling of fluidity when you use them, so it is not surprising that they are the design of choice for many commercial and residential property owners. They add class to any space, creating angled structures without looking unduly stiff. This makes our staircases with floating steps the perfect option for property owners who want to add a current, yet classic, feature to their space.

If you are looking for floating stairs to complement your home or office in Whangarei, Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand, then Ackworth House will be happy to provide them to you. Our family-owned and operated business benefits from around four decades of experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of high-end architectural stairs. When you work with our team, you will get nothing short of excellent workmanship and service.

Floating stairs are aptly named, as every step is positioned to appear as if it is self-supported. Usually constructed using wood, glass and steel, floating stairs have a clean, minimalist look that modern homeowners want for their living spaces.

Because the style is often featured in home magazines, it is also extremely popular among those who are looking to build or revamp their properties. If you are considering doing the same for your home or office, then installing floating stairs in your space is a smart design idea.

The Company to Call for Your Floating Stairway Design and Installation Needs

Once you have decided to use this stairway option, you only need to call one company to install it for you. Ackworth House has been working in the building and joinery industries for around 40 years, making us a well-respected name in the community.

We manufacture and install various stairwell designs for clients, New Zealand-wide. Let us help you take your property to a higher level with our products.

You will certainly find your ideal design among those we have on offer. Click on the images below to learn more about our design options.

Centrum stairs Centrum Suspendo stairs Suspendo Dualis stairs Dualis Lateralis stairs Lateralis Separare stairs Separare Concelare stairs Concelare