Wood is a staple material in interior design, especially for stairs. Wooden stairwells have been prized for their durability and aesthetic value. They contribute to the warm and cosy atmosphere that people would love to come home to.

Ackworth House offers a wide range of timber treads that make for a beautiful architectural staircase. Our durable and versatile, wooden treads create a statement, wherever they are in the room.

A Natural Vibe

By choosing wooden treads, you take a piece of the outdoors into your house or business. It gives a natural and comforting vibe to the entire space.

Traditional charm surrounds wood stair treads. Like in many old residences and buildings, these lend the halls grandeur and old-world sophistication.

Timber treads, for instance, are versatile; they complement various styles of floorings, walls, decorations and themes. Residents and businesspeople who have wooden stairs can redecorate their halls in various ways without having to worry that the stairs will stick out like a sore thumb.

An Extensive Timber Lineup

Ackworth House manufactures a wide selection of timber stair treads, including:

  • American Ash treads
  • American Oak treads
  • European Oak treads
  • Pine treads
  • Rimu treads
  • Saligna treads
  • Tasmanian Oak treads
  • Jarrah treads

Our timber stair treads are also available in various profiles, including solid, L-shaped, tread and riser, and slimline. For those looking for more variations, our treads can be oiled or stained in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Stairs that Last for Years

Wood is a naturally long-lasting material. Old but well-maintained wooden structures still stand tall and proud today, so you can expect our timber stair treads to withstand the test of time, too.

Quality Wooden Stair Treads

Ackworth House has been the go-to builders of high-end architectural wooden staircases in New Zealand. The superior workmanship of our timber treads are what set us apart. Our wooden stairwells speak for themselves; our showroom is a testament to the things that we could do.

Schedule an appointment at our showroom today and see our selection of wood stair treads. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to approach our friendly staff. Contact us today.

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