Concrete stair treads are the new favourite among homeowners and businesspeople alike. Strong and durable, the treads give the space an industrial appeal and are long lasting. Ackworth House takes things a step further and pairs concrete treads with our steel stair stringers. This combination results in a subdued yet stylish stairwell.

Polished to Perfection

Ackworth House elevates the look of your stairwell. We offer polished concrete stair treads that match a minimalist residence or commercial establishment. Their smooth surfaces are easier to clean and maintain. They are also more resistant to heavy foot traffic than their unpolished counterpart.

Blending in with the Surroundings

Concrete stairs are an ideal choice for clients who want a stairwell that blends in with concrete floors. By choosing concrete treads, you create a seamless look for your space. For those looking for more variations, our treads are also available in a wide range of colours and finishes, such as exposed aggregate and honed and polished.

With profiles including tread and riser, L-shaped, solid, and slimline, these treads aren’t exclusive for concrete floors. You can pair them with other types of floorings like hardwood. With the flexibility of concrete steps, you can create many interior design combinations.

A Long-Wearing Choice

Durability is one of the most attractive features of concrete treads. They’re built to last, so you get many years of service. They do not rot or rust, making them the preferred choice when maintenance is concerned

For greater strength, Ackworth House pairs concrete treads with its steel stringers. Both are sturdy and stylish, so these two lend the space a strong yet unimposing charm.

Concrete Treads with Ackworth House

Ackworth House has years of experience building and installing polished concrete stair treads in homes and commercial spaces in New Zealand.

To bring your ideal concrete stairwell to life, we discuss your needs and specifications thoroughly. Then, we prepare the plan based on your chosen design and the measurements. Our experienced installers build the stairs down to the smallest details and lay the concrete treads in place carefully.

Make an appointment to visit our showroom to look at the concrete treads Ackworth House offers. Our staff will happily discuss your options. Contact us today.

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