The beauty and durability of a staircase depends largely on the stair treads. So much so that they are often considered the main feature of a staircase. That’s why Ackworth House offers one of the finest selections of stair treads in the country. From sophisticated timber to modern concrete, our stair step treads are designed and built with the materials that your home or office needs for a vibrant, functional and stylish staircase.

We also accommodate customised projects that call for non-slip treads that help prevent tripping or slipping incidents. For these step treads, we apply stainless steel strips to the nosing, raised 2mm above the surface so as to not detract from the design. Much like our other products, these non-slip treads are designed to look refined without compromising their purpose.

Our stair treads are available in different styles and profiles, including tread and riser; solid, L-shaped, and slimline timber; and granite or stone overlay. Ackworth House works with you to bring you the best staircase that fits your space. Choose from our extensive selection of stair treads:

Elegant and Durable Stair Treads

Ackworth House’s stair treads fit right into the modern New Zealand home or office. We have designed our stair step treads with style and functionality in mind. As the most used parts of the staircase, our treads are made with durable materials like timber and concrete so they last without being high maintenance.

Our products are made from high-grade materials that went through a thorough quality assessment to ensure their resilience and durability from the wear and tear of constant use. Moreover, our workers uphold high standards and work diligently to produce outstanding results that meet New Zealand’s building standards.

Make an appointment to visit our showroom in Auckland to choose the stair step treads that would complement your project’s style. Our staff will gladly guide you through your options and work with you to accommodate any of your design needs. Contact us today.

Timber Stair Treads

Stair Treads Timber

Timber stair treads promise elegance and sophistication. These strike a healthy balance between a classic and modern appeal. The treads provide a warm ambience to the room and give the homeowners and visitors a visual treat. Moreover, you have the choice to stain them in various colours to suit the space. Wood is a low-maintenance material. Timber stair tread steps are also durable, so their beauty and strength hold up for years.

Concrete Stair Treads

Stair Treads Concrete

More commercial establishments and even homes are sporting concrete stair treads. Like their wooden and steel counterparts, concrete stair steps require little to no maintenance, so clients don’t have to spend much for repairs in the future. They are strong enough to withstand large weights for long periods. Although they have a rather straight forward design, they don’t look rigid or imposing at all. In fact, like steel treads, concrete treads complement a minimalist space and give off a muted, luxurious feel.

Customised to your needs

Our showroom features various styles of staircases - from conventional stairs to floating staircases, we have a wide selection of designs for you to choose from

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