What You Need to Know about Steel Stringers

Stair stringers are essential for the structural integrity of your staircase. They can be made from a range of different materials and various styles depending on their function, construction, and the type of stairs they are. 

Today we’ll be going over the type of steel stringers that can be used for your next staircase project. 

What is a Steel Stringer?

A steel stringer is the vertical support beam, that functions as the stairway’s structural foundation, think of it like the backbone of your stairs. These can run along each side or the centre of the staircase, with treads and rises being fixed into it. 

Different stringers can be constructed with a range of styles and finishes in mind, which can contribute to the look and functionality of your stairs. These styles can combine with different types of stair treads to provide an almost endless combination of stair designs.

Mono Stringer

A Mono Stringer is mostly known for its modern and minimal style. Built up through a thick with a single steel RHS stringer that runs up the centre of the staircase this style can create a light and open space in your stairwell. 

Mono stringers are mostly used with open risers to achieve their floating look. Mono stringers can still be used with a closed stair, while it may not look quite floating like, it can still create an attractive minimalist look.

Our Centrum stringers are becoming increasingly popular with architects and designers in creating today’s modern looks. They often opt to paint the Centrum stringer black to emphasise their space or make it disappear into the surroundings with a light colouring so the treads seem to float.

Twin Stringer

Twin stringers are similar to that of a mono stringer but consisting of two steel PFC stringers, supporting the treads from underneath. The tread of these stairs will then hang over the edge of its stringer, again creating a levitating and light look commonly used in most modern homes. 

Dual steel stringers are used to create a robust emphasis in your stairwell. The chunky treads used in our Dualis stair designs can give your staircase a sturdy look, whilst also providing you with many style options due to its adaptability in materials. 

Closed Stringers

A closed stringer is the most commonly made of timber and used on a traditional staircase. However, closed stringers made with a slim steel plate they’re also featured on some of the most modern staircase designs, so don’t be fooled into thinking these are only for traditional stairs. Two parallel stringers running down either side of the treads creates clean, straight lines that work well with any space.

At Ackworth we have a selection of stair designs which incorporate this closed design. Our Lateralis stair design is constructed with fine steel side plate stringers, which creates an expression of elegance. This design gives you freedom in the tread materials to give your stairwell a unique look. 

Our Serratus stair design is similar to the Lateralis but uses a zigzagging pattern with the fine steel side plates. This is a great way to add an extra dimension and interest in the styling of your home. 

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