Stairway to Heaven: Staircase Ideas for Your Remodelling Project


For many homeowners, remodelling their home is like a fresh new start. It allows them to reorganise sections, add more space and personalise it in their own unique style. It also provides them with the opportunity to completely redesign their home’s staircase and elevate the look of their interiors.

As a central part of any home, the staircase not only serves a practical purpose but it is also the focal point of home décor. They’re striking centrepieces that enable the imagination to rise to new heights. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of staircase designs and ideas for home remodelling projects.

To help you create a stylish staircase for your home, here are a few expert design tips from Ackworth House.

Floating staircases

Floating staircases, often called open risers, are innovative design pieces that offer a modern look and feel for any home. Due to their sleek and airy aesthetics, they will automatically enhance the visual appeal of your interiors and allow more light to brighten your home.

You have an array of options for floating staircases. Installing a glass balustrade is another option to ensure safety without diminishing the floating effect of the staircase. For treads, you can select either timber or concrete.

Striking a balance between a classic and modern appeal, timber stair treads add elegance to any home. You also have the choice to stain them in different colours to ensure your floating stairs suit your space. Concrete stair treads are a great option for minimalist interior space, giving your living room a muted, luxurious feel.

Ackworth House offers versatile floating staircase designs to complement any modern home. Whether you want your open riser to be straight, spiral or curved, we can design and build it to your preferences and spatial needs.

Upgrade classic designs

Nothing beats a classic. If you’re not sold on the open risers, traditional timber designs that feature decorative balusters and continuous handrails are still popular among many New Zealand homeowners. However, traditional doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are some design elements that you can incorporate to your traditional timber staircase:

  • Glass balustrades

Add a glass balustrade complete with a base rail, handrail and posts. Glass panels are an excellent way to brighten up the space and provide your interiors with a modern look. Light will also travel easily through the glass balustrade, allowing you to see more of your home.

  • Splashes of colour

After you have your new staircase installed, you don’t need to settle for neutral colours of timber or steel. If you’re up for a little more excitement in your home, there’s a huge array of stunning shades that can complement your balustrade or contrast against your wall paint. For instance, if you have crisp and unadorned white walls, you can paint your steps in a vivid red colour. If red makes too much of a statement, you can opt for a milder shade like peach or salmon pink.

  • Light it up

Staircase lighting is vital for safety purposes but they can also be installed to create a specific mood. Incorporating LED lights on your stair’s steps produces an ethereal glow that adds a futuristic or modern touch. Lighting can also make your staircase more luxurious, casting elegant shadows and creating soft effects.

  • Stainless steel strips

One element to add to a classic staircase to ensure its safety while elevating its look is stainless steel strip. Sure, you can simply add anti-slip strips or mats, but these may not match the aesthetics of your stairs: they may even cover up the beauty of your new timber treads. Stainless steel strips can prevent slips, trips and falls while adding an elegant feel to each tread of your remodelled staircase.

Achieve Your Dream Staircase with Ackworth House

At Ackworth House, we offer staircase design and installation services for all types of remodelling projects. We offer more than ten designs, including our Centrum design that comes with a single steel stringer underneath the treads to add to the airy illusion of a floating staircase. Our Suspendo design features cantilevered treads and stringers hidden in the wall to create a modern, minimalist staircase. We also have conventional stair designs that can perfectly match many contemporary homes today.

Each of our designs has its own aesthetic quality and distinctive functionality, available in various types of timbers and other materials such as steel. Our team takes pride in our superior workmanship, building each staircase project with finesse and accuracy. Over the years, we have become the leading provider of conventional, modern and floating stairs in Auckland, Whangarei and other major cities in New Zealand.

Make your vision a reality with custom-built staircase designs. Our team will listen intently to you to make sure we get a clear picture of your dream staircase. From there, we will discuss design and project timeframe, as well as explain the different material options to realise your vision. The choice is yours but count on us to provide options that will turn your vision into an amazing centrepiece for your home.

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