Outdoor Staircase Options For Your Home

There’s been an increased focus on the functionality of our homes, with many homeowners starting to bring their interior stairways outside. By choosing to install modern outdoor staircases rather than classic timber stairwells, many individuals have achieved an extension of their home and outdoor entertaining areas, creating more functional spaces that replicate the same style seen in your homes interior.

Why Should You Install an Exterior Staircase in Your Home?

Outdoor staircases not only offer an improved sense of functionality in your home but can also help to create a modern and visually stunning connection between your interior and exterior spaces or outdoor entertaining areas. 
Exterior staircases can help improve the safety of your outdoor area, creating a safe and secure pathway through your home. As well as a range of styles and materials available to use in the exterior of your home, there are also more locations for you to choose from, which means you can create an outdoor space that flows better and is exactly to your liking. 

Exterior Stair Designs

In terms of the shape and design of your exterior staircase, there’s much to choose from. Your choice in design options will most likely depend on your space, functionality requirements, personal style and budget. 
No matter which design you choose, it’s important to choose materials that will withstand the elements for a prolonged time, and provide a safe surface for you and your family. So you may need to be prepared to compromise on your exterior stairs construction. 

Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases can offer a unique look to your homes exterior, softening the shape of your homes architecture. They can provide a stylish and functional design that is easy to install. Spiral staircases that are made from steel are often the models that will last the longest against the outside elements. Once these steel stairs have been galvanised you can choose any colour and style.

Modern Outdoor Staircases

If you want your stairway to become a central feature in the connection between your in and outside living spaces then a straight shaped staircase will become the best option. These stairs can be installed to lead right out to your garden, pool area and more, offering a seamless and sophisticated transition. 

Cantilever or Floating Staircases

If you want to achieve a truly modern and luxurious look in your homes exterior that will match your style perfectly, then consider installing a cantilever or floating staircase. With no visible supporting structure seen in these stairs they’ve become the epitome of modern homes, giving a sense of lightness. These types of stairs also have the ability to become U-shaped etc to create a more customised look. 

Start Connecting Your Home Today!

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