Office Design Elements that Boost Happiness and Productivity

office stairsRecent study results show that contemporary office designs may stimulate creativity and collaboration among employees.

A study conducted by the research agency Perspective found that 81 per cent of office workers in New Zealand believe the physical environment of their workplace has an impact on their happiness. Nine out of 10 workers agreed that if they are happy at work, they are more productive.

Whether you are starting or developing your company, taking steps to improve the physical environment of the workplace is necessary for taking care of the physical, mental and social well-being of your employees.

Fittings, Fixtures and Furnishings

When designing an office, everything from the basic features to the decorative features must be considered. Floor, wall and ceiling materials, as well as furniture, may affect the overall mood of the room. Light colours create the impression of more space, while dark shades make the area look more intimate. Furniture pieces with complementary colours blend well with the room while those with contrasting colours stand out.

Materials for windows, doors and stairs also affect the mood of the place. Windows and doors made of glass allow more natural light to come in. Stairs with steel stringers are an extremely durable and versatile addition to any space.

If your brand is modern and exciting, use bright and bold colours to influence the mindset of your employees. If your brand is all about tradition and security, use neutral colours. A report about the global impact of biophilic design in the workplace shows that incorporating natural elements – such as plants and sunlight – have a positive effect on employees.

Interactive Space

A room or space where employees can naturally assemble creates a platform for the exchange of ideas. While break rooms and meeting rooms allow employees to interact, the key is arranging the common room in such a way that people move freely. Instead of a rigid desk arrangement, a relaxed layout urges employees to sit somewhere and have a conversation.

Private Space

Optimising the workplace and interacting with colleagues indirectly inspires productivity. Employees should be able to access a private space where they can focus while working on their task. The private space doesn’t necessarily have to be a separate room or an isolated cubicle; it can be their own workstation. Adequately spaced chairs and tables give employees sufficient personal space, where they can think without distraction or take calls comfortably.

With the right work environment, employees can channel their inspiration into their work and allow that inspiration to take shape. Renovate your office by starting with the fittings, fixtures and furnishings.

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