Modern or Classic: Which Staircase Design Works Best for Your Home Décor?

Whether you’re building a new home from scratch or renovating your current one, the design of your staircase is something to take a bit of time considering. Staircases have evolved from being a functional part of a home to also becoming a design element. Usually located in the lobby or the entrance hall, it is one of the first things a person sees when entering a house. A well-designed staircase makes a good first impression for visitors and improves the mood of residents when they come home.

There are a variety of staircase designs available in the market, created with different materials and styles. Some are made of glass and steel, while others are made of wood. The traditional straight staircase remains common among many homes, while circular and spiral staircases are making their way in new dwellings.

When choosing a staircase, the design should match your home’s overall look and feel. You also have to consider your family size, lifestyle and style inclination. If you’re having a hard time choosing, consult an expert designer so you can find a staircase design that’s suitable for your home décor.

Here are our suggested staircase designs based on your type of home:

The Traditional-Styled Home

Traditional interiors are classic and comforting. The furniture is upholstered, and the colour scheme is light on the walls and darker for upholstery and flooring. The homey and non-jarring ambience is the perfect setting for a couple with children, living in any home in New Zealand.

The straight staircase and winder stairsare common designs found in traditional style homes. For residences with bigger spaces, installing a split staircase brings a sense of grandeur to the interior décor. Stairs made out of wood species like timber and mahogany add to the warm atmosphere.

Stairs for Contemporary Homes

Contemporary designs are more popular for houses and apartments located at the heart of the city. Residents are usually younger couples without children or young urban workers. There is a focus on maximising the available square footage, and there is a need for a more open but multifunctional space.

Since contemporary designs feature state-of-the-art materials and use glass and metals, it is clear that glass and steel stairs fit this particular home décor. Circular, ladder and spiral stairs are popular choices for homeowners who want to optimise their space. Less compact dwellings in the city opt for curved, L-shaped and U-shaped stairs.

Opt for Tailor-Made Staircases

Although certain staircase designs are found in some homes, you shouldn’t be restricted to what is common in certain interiors. Wooden staircases can suit a house with contemporary décor, while spiral staircases also have a place in big, traditional-styled homes.

If budget permits, if you’re allowed by your fellow residents or if you’re deciding on the design on your own, opt for a customised staircase. Make sure you consult with an expert designer to find the right design that’s functional, safe and eye-catching the moment you open the door.

Find the Perfect Stairs for Your Home with Ackworth House’s Designs

When designed and manufactured accordingly, any kind of stair design provides the perfect balance between style and function. We at Ackworth House ensure that our staircase enhances the style of your home.

We offer a fantastic range of stairs with wooden, steel and floating steps, and we allow customisation to fit clients’ needs. Our outstanding workmanship and client-focused service elevate the style and functionality of your property.

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