Maintaining Your Outdoor Staircase

If you have an older home or just want to ensure your outdoor staircase is in the best visual quality possible, following a regular maintenance regime is essential. Because most traditional outdoor staircases are made from timber or metal, the maintenance of your stairs will directly impact their appearance and, for timber stairs, their structural integrity. This is why proper care is of the utmost importance in your home. 

Metal Staircases

Outdoor metal stairs are among the best outdoor staircase options when you want something with little to no maintenance. To maintain your metal staircase, all you need to do is a quick pressure wash to rinse off any dirt and debris build-ups. You should also take this time cleaning to watch out for any corrosion. Although there’s a low chance, it’s crucial to stay on top of it; otherwise, the integrity of your stairs could be impacted. 
If you’ve found that your metal stairs surface is chipping, this can be fixed with a simple new coat of paint. As the paint used for metal stairs is corrosion resistant, it’ll help to strengthen your stairs.

Timber Staircases

Timber as a building material needs more care when being left exposed to changing weather conditions for prolonged periods. So again, you should be regularly cleaning your timber stairs. This will remove any dirt and water, or puddles on the stairs. To clean your timber stairs, ensure they’re swept clean to prevent further damage.
As well as cleaning, you should also be staining your wooden staircase regularly; this will ensure your wood is protected against moisture, and will prevent cracks and mould. You should aim to do this every few years for the best result to retain a deep and rich natural colour. Before you stain your wood, you’ll also have to sand it back. Sanding can prevent splinters for anyone walking up and down and avoid moisture from soaking into the wood at a deeper level.
Even after completing this maintenance regime, you may find that your stairway still has aesthetical damage. Depending on the exact damage, this can be fixed by replacing wooden boards where needed to remove any excess mould or damaged areas. If you want to ensure the best look of your outdoor stairs, it’s also worth giving your stairs a new coat of paint every once in a while.

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