Level Up Your Home with a Beautiful and Modern Staircase

The days when staircases were only known for their function are long gone. Over time, staircases have become an integral part of a home’s layout and design. Often, they become a focal point of the residence due to their style and configuration.

When constructing or renovating your home, don’t let your staircase become an afterthought. A beautiful flight of stairs will add visual interest to your residence and increase its property value. Your stairs will be the first thing that visitors will see when they enter your home and the staircase can make or break first impressions. Additionally, there’s nothing compared to the feeling of walking into your house after a long day and seeing an elegant flight of stairs.

Floating staircases

A floating staircase, also known as an open riser, is a piece of engineering that offers an irreplaceable look and feel for any home.  It provides a contemporary aesthetic ideal for minimalist-styled houses, creating an airy and dramatic atmosphere. A floating staircase also allows more light to stream into the home, contributing to a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

When it comes to appearance, an open riser staircase will enhance the visual appeal of your home due to its sleek and modern look. The staircase is also versatile and can be designed to fit any configuration. Whether you want your floating staircase to be straight, curved or spiral, it can be made to suit your needs and preferences.

Additionally, the lighter but sturdy design of the staircase allows for extra storage room. A floating staircase does not require support underneath, giving you open spaces for a small shelf, cabinet or bookcase.

Timber staircases

Do you want to achieve a timeless look when building or renovating your home? Timber staircases offer the perfect balance between modern appeal and classic elegance. Its old world sophistication has made it a timeless favourite for homeowners, especially when designed and crafted with contemporary flair.

The major benefit of wooden staircases to modern homes is that timber works extremely well with the rest of the house’s fixtures. It doesn’t matter if the rest of your furnishings aren’t made of wood. The timber staircase will effortlessly complement your interiors. Its authentic beauty and natural allure also provide your home with a touch of the outdoors, offering the illusion of a natural and organic environment.

Steel staircases

Steel is a favoured building material among homeowners because it provides the space with urban elements. Sleek and sturdy, they add contemporary sophistication to any home because of their attractive structural possibilities.

Steel can be cut and welded into numerous patterns and designs. They can take any staircase shape from straight to circular to curve. Railings, balusters and treads can be made of the same material as well, providing uniformity to the entire staircase.

When it comes to strength and durability, steel staircases are able to support heavy weights and are resistant to corrosion and rotting. Wooden staircases may crack over time but metal staircases have high rigidity and sturdiness, making them last for decades without suffering major damage.

A wide range of breathtaking staircase design ideas from Ackworth House

At Ackworth House, we have an extensive selection of existing staircase design ideas to choose from, including our Ascendo series which features floating staircases. Our team has been designing, manufacturing and installing staircases in New Zealand for over 40 years.

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