Strength Meets Style: Investing in Concrete Stair Treads

concrete stair treads

Stairs don’t have to be purely functional. They serve both as safe and easy access points to another level and as an architectural feature in a structure. To fulfil all their functions, stairs must be well-built to meet building code regulations. The treads, for example, must provide adequate footing that prevents children from falling through open rises and demonstrate uniform rise between each flight and for consecutive flights.

Functionality aside, stairs play a major role in interior design. They can easily be the centerpiece of your home. They have to reflect your home’s individuality and blend seamlessly into your household’s overall style while also providing access between frequently used spaces at home.

If you’re looking to add interest to your staircase design, consider Ackworth House’s concrete stairs treads.Concrete is a versatile material used to add style and expression to any property. While it is mainly used as a substance for designing and building exterior features, concrete stair treads provide homeowners with many benefits.

Aesthetic appeal

Our concrete treads elevate the look of a home’s stairwell. Though they have a straightforward design, they do not need to look rigid or imposing. They can give any space a clean, industrial feel that matches a minimalist-designed residence or commercial establishment.  Like steel treads, concrete treads can give a muted, luxurious feel, adding depth and character to a home or establishment.

Concrete treads with a polished finish, are easier to clean and maintain, and more resistant to heavy traffic compared to their unpolished counterparts.

Seamless look

Ackworth House concrete treads are an ideal choice for homeowners who want a stairwell that seamlessly blends in with their home’s concrete flooring. Our stair treads are polished to perfection to complement modern minimalist interior design.

Concrete treads come in different designs. These designs include the classic tread and riser, solid stair treads and L-shaped treads.

Concrete stair treads can also be decorated with designs and colours to complement or match interiors. Professional experts such as Ackworth House can help homeowners and businesses achieve stunning visual effects by combining various colours and finishes to make your stairway unique.

Our concrete treads also provide design flexibility. They can be paired with other types of materials like pine plywood panelling or bamboo flooring to subtly accentuate your space. You can choose from our current catalogue of materials to find ideal combinations.

Endless design options

Concrete stairs don’t have to be grey, dull and boring. We can easily create a design to add depth and dimension. There are numerous decorative concrete designs as well as various colours that we can use, we can transform the look of concrete to make it look like marble or stone. Today’s stamping mats are moulded from the actual materials they mimic, producing incredibly realistic results.

Concrete alone may not be to everyone’s taste but once it is polished and topped with premium materials such as marble or granite, they will suit the interiors of any luxurious and modern home.


More commercial establishments and homes are choosing our concrete stair treads for their durability. They are built to last and require little to no maintenance. Muted and minimalist design aside, they are strong enough to withstand heavy weights for a long time. This means that you’ll not need to schedule constant repairs and spend so much on them.

Concrete is, in itself, a highly versatile and resilient building material; it does not burn, rust or rot, and can weather extremes and earthquakes. Its durable nature keeps people safe, making it an excellent choice of building material. Concrete stairs also provide a slip-resistant surface, preventing slips, trips and falls.

Additionally, concrete does not require fireproofing treatments to meet strict fire codes. This means that the treads will perform well during both man-made and natural disasters.

Fast and easy installation

Constructing beautiful concrete stair treads can be quickly and easily accomplished by the experts at Ackworth House. However, this doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality for fast turnaround times. Our experienced installers will build the stairs down to the most intricate details and carefully lay the concrete treads in place, all within the time allowed.

Economical Choice

Concrete stairs are an economical solution because the material is widely available and cost-efficient. It lasts much longer than alternative building materials and actually gets stronger over time. Investing in concrete stairs reduces the total cost of ownership associated with frequent maintenance work, rehabilitation or reconstruction. Concrete also has low maintenance requirements and is energy efficient, reducing operating costs that are related to energy consumption, maintenance and rebuilding.

We pair concrete treads with steel stringers for enhanced strength and durability. It makes for a sturdy and stylish combination, giving the space a strong yet unimposing charm.

Ackworth House’s high-quality concrete treads

As the modern minimalist trend continues, concrete step treads are becoming a new favourite among home and business owners alike. Stylish and strong, they provide any space with a clean and contemporary industrial appeal.

Elevate your home with beautiful concrete treads from Ackworth House. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have partnered with many homes all over New Zealand. We work closely with our clients, offering quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

Visit our showroom to see our collection of concrete stair treads and high-quality stairs. To make an appointment, contact us on 0800 225 967.