Intercommunicating Stairs: Inspiring Collaboration in the Workplace

Business owners are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to improve workplace culture, increase productivity and keep staff happy. More collaborative, open environments are now very popular and seen as the future, if not all ready the present of office design.

Whether it’s the use of collaborative workstations or mobile wall systems, there are plenty of ways to foster collaboration through design. You can even utilise your staircase by transforming it to better suit an open-concept office design.

What are Intercommunicating Staircases?

The staircase is now an essential interior design element, often serving as the centrepiece of commercial spaces. An intercommunicating staircase strikes a balance between form and function. This design of commercial stairs enhances communication, unlike traditional designs where stairs were only thought to facilitate getting from one floor to another.

How Do Intercommunicating Stairs Enhance Collaboration?

The open-concept design is nothing new, different iterations have been around for some time. An intercommunicating staircase acts as a structure that is part of an open concept design. Aside from simply serving as a pathway, these stairs can be used for collaborative purposes.

  • It improves circulation throughout the workplace.

Collaboration is limited when employees remain at their desks. Heavy reliance on emails and other forms of electronic communications leads to impersonal interactions and possible misunderstandings. The lack of movement in the workplace negatively affects how different teams work with each other. An intercommunicating staircase makes it much more likely that people walk and actually talk to each other. It provides employees somewhere to meet for quick discussions instead of having to book a conference room which is often impractical and not time-saving

  • It encourages socialisation between different teams.

A medium to a large-sized office often experiences disassociation between its different teams and departments. The physical divide of rooms and floors discourage employees from interacting with each other. With an intercommunicating staircase, they can meet on the steps and have a quick chat before going about their day. Depending on its design, stairs can hold small events such as employee engagement programmes, huddles and morning or afternoon scrums.

Encouraging movement and socialisation in the workplace is a step towards a modern work culture. As your employees get more comfortable interacting with each other, they are freer to share their ideas in meetings and discussions. They are encouraged to work closely with each other and be more collaborative. This only increases their engagement with each other and the company, it creates a work culture where people are likelier to be happy and productive.

Designing an Intercommunicating Staircase for Your Office

Much like with any interior design element, your stairs should be designed to suit your existing architecture. Ackworth House has been in the industry of building and joinery for four decades. From residential properties to commercial spaces, our craftsmen are skilled in designing and building stairs that suit the space.

When designing your intercommunicating staircase, we’ll find out what you need and who you are to give you the perfect staircase. Get in touch with our team to find out how to maximise your stairs for better collaboration.

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