Hygge and The Colours of Cosy

Cosy home

One of the latest trends in interior design is all about stepping back. Interior designers used to bring in impressive visuals to a home to create an ambience that promotes relaxation. Now, cosiness is taking the opposite approach.

In the art of the cosy, primary design elements are taking a step back and assuming a background position, allowing occupants to live comfortably with enough space, both physically and visually. Dark coloured walls, neutral furniture, a timber staircase stained to provide a richer colour is what the art of cosy entails.

Roots in Hygge

This aesthetic isn’t new, and it has links to “hygge” (pronounced “hoo-gah”), a Danish concept. It prioritises greys and dark, cool hues. Homes that exemplify the hygge are often blanket-coloured, the kind you’d wrap yourself in by the fire on a winter night. The cosiness doesn’t make way for distracting elements, instead, preferring textures like metallics to provide depth.

Surface Colours

For a comfortable home, interior designers recommend dark, neutral shades over whites. Dark wall colours mute lights, turning harsh rays into gentler beams.

Blue-greys, darker creams and dark blues are popular but almost every colour has a cooler shade. Surface finishes like dark marble and brushed metal also compliment the theme. For lamps and furnishing details, earthy colours are go-to.

Staircase as a Likely Centrepiece

Often, the selection of stairs is limited by their function, which is to link two floors. However, stairs with attractive designs can be strong statement pieces for any home.

At Ackworth House, we carry an extensive selection of staircases meant to become an active design element. From classic grand stairways to minimalist floating options, homeowners have the flexibility to choose what works best with their idea of the perfect home.

The purpose of a house is simple: provide a venue to create a home. Based on the above mentioned design element, a house that puts cosiness as its top goal comes with muted elements but ones that invite you to curl up and find your most comfortable position.

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