Four Characteristics of Timber That Make It Ideal as Stair Treads

When it comes to enhancing the design and function of a staircase, choosing the right stair tread is crucial. Stair treads come in various types but one of the most popular materials used is timber. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties, timber lends a beautiful natural appeal to any space alongside a wide array of functional and aesthetic benefits.

Here are four qualities that make timber an ideal material for stair treads:


If you are looking to add a tall or winding staircase on your property, consider timber stair treads to go with it. Being gentle and lightweight, timber treads do not place excessive stress on your floor and do not require extra support.

Grain Pattern

Wood grain integrates a special ambiance into your property, owing to the patterns on each tread. Wood species come in different grain patterns that allow you to experiment, either by matching the pattern with the current interior or setting a contrast between the two elements.  For example, the grain pattern can either blend with the wooden furniture and fixtures in the room or stand out by contrasting the wallpaper design.

Various Colours  

From light ash to dark oak, there is a wide assortment of colours available for timber staircases. If you want the grain pattern to be completely visible, consider a lighter finish for the treads. Ebony finishes are dark enough to hide the grain pattern of a stair tread. They do, however, give your staircase an earthy and rustic appearance, which enables you to add a touch of the outdoors to the interior of your home.


Another advantage of timber stair treads is that they can be made from the same timber as your flooring and stained to match. Make sure to choose a durable wood species that is able to withstand harsh UV rays.

The Finest Selection of Timber Stair Treads

At Ackworth House, we manufacture a wide range of high-quality timber stair treads in NZ. Our range includes American Oak treads, Pine treads, Jarrah treads and more. They are available in different profiles such as tread and riser, solid, slimline, and L-shaped. If you are looking for more styles, our stair treads can be stained or oiled in various colours and finishes.

Elegant Timber Treads

Our timber stair treads strike a balance between traditional and contemporary designs. They enhance any space with a warm ambiance, with long-lasting beauty and strength.

As a whole, our timber stairs can be custom-made with the timber of your choice, from treads to balustrades to handrails. The stairs can be designed to suit your décor so you can choose between a classic elegant look and a modern minimalist style. Just like our treads, our timber handrails and timber balustrades are made from premium-quality materials.

We are the go-to builders of premium architectural wooden staircase projects in New Zealand. The superior craftsmanship of our workers produces outstanding results that benefit clients for years.

Visit our showroom at 5/17 Crowhurst Street, Newmarket, Auckland to view our collection of timber stair treads.