Achieve Architectural Feats with Steel Staircases

floating stairs with steel stringers

Steel is often associated with strength and durability, both important qualities in structures that are expected to withstand daily foot traffic and heavy loads.

These great features of steel have made Ackworth House’s own line of steel staircases popular in New Zealand. We have seen an eager demand for our top quality steel stringers for steel stairs as they are capable of bearing significantly more weight compared to other materials. Steel is also highly resistant to warps, wear and tear, rotting and pest attacks, giving you a staircase built to last for years.

Beyond the functional advantages and durable characteristics of steel staircases, architects and designers are keen on the utilisation of steel staircases due to their architectural versatility.

Staircases as an Architectural Element

Many architects and designers consider both the functional and the aesthetic importance of every element of a house or commercial building; staircases are no exception.

The basic function of staircases is to physically connect one level of a house or building to another. In the traditional sense, the job of staircases stops there. But architects and designers continue to go the extra mile and find innovative ways of maximising the visual and architectural potential of staircases.

Depending on how the staircase is laid out, it can create architectural illusions that can change the way the space looks and feels.

Architectural Illusions of Staircases

 ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ Staircases

As mentioned earlier, the main function of staircases is to connect one level of a home or building to another. The way staircases are designed can indicate if that level is open to the public or if it is a private area.

A staircase connected to an open area directs the eyes upwards and demonstrates an open and welcoming impression. This makes open staircases ideal for lounge rooms, dining halls or living areas. Staircases leading to a concealed space, on the other hand, are more fitting for restricted areas or private rooms. Closed staircases can also provide an element of surprise or mystery by connecting it to a concealed social area.

Maximising Natural Light

Staircases can be used to filter the amount of natural light that enters the room. When determining the best place to install staircases, it is recommended to locate where the building’s natural light is coming from. The staircase can be designed around this function to create lights and shadows that affect the ambience of your residential or commercial space.

Such an effect can be achieved by floating staircases supported by steel stair stringers. The spaces in between each step will allow natural light to pass through regardless of the height and length of the stairs.

Stylish and Functional Steel Staircases from Ackworth House

Give your space an appearance of fluidity with our range of floating stairs with steel stringers. Achieve a clean, minimalist look and a timeless, understated style that will impress your clients.

Ackworth House carries a wide range of various styles of staircases. Combine our steel stringers with timber, steel or concrete treads. You can also opt to add handrails and balustrades that can add form and structure to your staircase.

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