4 Ways to Keep Timber Stair Treads in Premium Condition

timber stair treads

Timber staircases add a classic appeal to your property. Taking a piece of the outdoors into your property gives a natural and comforting vibe to your living space. Due to its natural elements, a little care is required to maintain its premium condition.

Typically, signs of wear and tear start to show on the horizontal treads where heavy foot traffic wears off the varnish topcoat, exposing the bare wood. Regular cleaning, scratch and dent touch-ups and the occasional refinish are some things that help keep timber treads looking their best.

Here are four ways on how you can take care of your treads.

Regular Cleaning

The easiest way to maintain the beauty of your timber treads is to vacuum and sweep them. Sweep the dust off your stairs by starting from the highest tread. This way, you’ll progressively sweep all the dust to the lowest tread, making it easy to gather them all in a dustpan. After sweeping, vacuum each tread to remove the leftover debris you may have missed. Although it seems like you’re doubling the work, vacuuming after sweeping ensures your stair treads are free from debris.

Give Treads a Clear Shine

To make your treads shine, use a damp sponge to wipe down each step from top to bottom. Avoid leaving wet spots on the treads for too long as they can be absorbed by the timber, creating stains that may be difficult to remove. When wiping the treads with something damp, use a cleaner made especially for the type of finish on your stairs such as a solvent-based liquid wax for waxed treads.

To help you keep your stairs in top condition, Ackworth House stairs come with an Aftercare Kit. Inside this kit, you’ll find an Acsendo Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, a bottle of Ascendo Stair Cleaner and a guide on how to care for your stairs. This free extra will help you enjoy your staircase the way Ackworth House intends, clean, safe and eye-catching.

Mould Removal

Timber stairs installed in humid or moist areas can develop moulds on the treads. Moulds are easy to remove; however, if left, it will continue to develop until a disinfectant kills the mould spores. To eliminate the spores, make a homemade cleaning solution made of half a cup of bleach mixed with a gallon of water. Dampen a sponge or a soft, clean cloth with this solution. Afterwards, wipe the affected area until you have completely removed the moulds.

Refinishing Timber Treads

If your staircase is showing signs of wear and tear, consider refinishing the treads. As long as you use a protective coating of high-quality wax, your timber staircase should keep its premium look for a long time. You can sand it back to its natural wood and refinish it with a high-quality polish or wax. You can also varnish the treads, handrails and balustrades to a new colour to make your staircase look brand new.

Our Timber Treads Last for Years

At Ackworth House, we offer a broad range of wood step treads that are used for a beautiful timber staircase. Our versatile and sturdy wooden treads contribute to a warm and cosy atmosphere that homeowners would love to come home to. Homeowners who use timber staircases can redecorate their home in many ways without worrying that the stairs will look out of place.

Our wide selection of timber treads includes Oak, Pine, Saligna and more. They are also available in different profiles such as slimline, L-shaped, solid and tread and riser. If you want more variations, the treads can be stained or oiled in many colours and finishes.

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