Steel stairs vs. Timber stairs

Navigating Staircase Materials: Wood vs. Steel

When it comes to designing a staircase, one of the crucial decisions you’ll face is choosing the right material. Two primary contenders in the staircase construction arena are wood and steel. Each material brings its unique set of characteristics, balancing aesthetics, functionality, and durability. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the world of wooden stairs and steel staircases, comparing their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision for your project.

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Suspendo stringerless stairs

The Art of Stringerless Stairs

In modern design, the staircase is no longer merely a functional element but a statement piece that can elevate the aesthetics of any space. One design trend that has been making waves in the architectural world is the concept of floating stairs, and intriguingly, some are crafted without the traditional stringers. 

Today, we’ll unravel the mystery behind stringerless stairs, exploring their innovative structural details, design possibilities, and the remarkable impact they can have on your living space.

What Are Floating Stairs?

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Ackworth House wooden Ascendo range stairs

The Role of Staircases in High-End Builds: A Design Perspective

When it comes to crafting exquisite, high-end homes, every detail matters. From the choice of materials to the layout, each element contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space. Among these, staircases often play a pivotal role that extends beyond functionality. In this blog, we’ll explore how staircases can be elevated to become captivating focal points in modern house designs, providing you with valuable insights and tips to seamlessly integrate them into your architectural vision.

The Modern Staircase: A Design Marvel

In the realm of modern house design, staircases have transcended their utilitarian purpose to become true design marvels. They are no longer just a means to get from one level to another; they are an integral part of the overall aesthetic and ambiance of a home. Here’s how staircases can transform from mundane to magnificent:

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Ascendo Floating Stairs

The Ins and Outs of Floating Staircases

A floating staircase appears to “float” in mid-air, often without visible supporting structures like traditional staircases. These staircases create an open and airy feel, allowing light to flow through and enhancing the visual appeal of a space. 

These stunning staircases can often be found in contemporary homes, as they complement the minimalist and open aesthetics. 

Considering having a floating staircase in your new home? We’ve created this guide to help you make an informed decision.

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A Guide to Each Staircase Element | Ackworth House NZ

As you design your home’s epicentre – the staircase – it’s important to understand each piece of the puzzle. This way, you can put them together in the most effective way possible.

If you’re unsure what words like tread, riser, stringer, baluster or baserail mean in the context of stairs, perhaps this blog can help you in understanding each element.

So next time you’re deciding between steel stringers, or stuck for handrail inspiration, you’ll feel confident in your decision.

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Choosing the Right Style Staircase for Your Space

The layman might read this blog title and wonder how many staircase styles there could possibly be. But at Ackworth House, we’re here to tell you that the answer involves more than meets the eye. 

Well, okay, it all meets the eye once each slat and handrail is installed. But this blog is your go-to guide for all the elements that make a truly well designed indoor or outdoor staircase.

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How a Custom Staircase Heightens Your Home

If they say the kitchen is the heart of the home, then perhaps the staircase is the spinal cord – seamlessly supporting the parts around it. 

Many copy-paste homes use stairs as a mere interval between levels with no self-expression or distinctive nature. This is why a custom indoor or outdoor staircase can make or break a well-styled home and add value that transcends design trends. 

If you want to level up the quality of your home or office, don’t count out the staircase as the pièce de résistance. And here’s why:

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Maintaining Your Outdoor Staircase

If you have an older home or just want to ensure your outdoor staircase is in the best visual quality possible, following a regular maintenance regime is essential. Because most traditional outdoor staircases are made from timber or metal, the maintenance of your stairs will directly impact their appearance and, for timber stairs, their structural integrity. This is why proper care is of the utmost importance in your home. 

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Outdoor Staircase Options For Your Home

There’s been an increased focus on the functionality of our homes, with many homeowners starting to bring their interior stairways outside. By choosing to install modern outdoor staircases rather than classic timber stairwells, many individuals have achieved an extension of their home and outdoor entertaining areas, creating more functional spaces that replicate the same style seen in your homes interior.

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