What to Look for When Choosing your Next Balustrade

A new or renovated home brings so much joy and happiness, but most often neglect the stairs as a key architectural structure that links the downstairs with the upper floors. One easy way to enhance your home or office’s function as well as its style is to optimise the staircase, often the centrepiece for most homes. One such way to add style is with the balustrades systems on your stairway which line the edge of the staircase to prevent any falls while also serving as a handrail. With an array of different designs the opportunities are plenty for finding your ideal balustrade. Here we will address the options you have to give you a full picture on what your balustrade options are before you purchase. Continue reading “What to Look for When Choosing your Next Balustrade”

steel balustrades

5 Reasons To Choose Steel


When it comes to designing your home or commercial spaces, trends are always changing. We each want to create something modern and aesthetically pleasing while ensuring it will remain timeless and functional too. Steel balustrade systems provide endless opportunity to adapt to any space and style, giving them sleek aesthetic appeal that will stand the test of time.

Here are our top 5 reasons to choose steel for your next project:

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The Right Match: Finding the Ideal Balustrade for Your Staircase


A balustrade improves your home with both beauty and functionality. Aesthetically, a balustrade is a design element that can finish an overall look, making your stairs not just a functional part of the house, but a part of its statement. Balustrades are also a safety feature, providing security and support at an area of the house that has daily traffic.

When it comes to installing balustrade components there are many aspects that need to be considered in order to achieve a successful outcome. If all aspects are considered equally it will result in a balanced end result that will keep you safe and enhance the design of your residential or commercial spaces. Continue reading “The Right Match: Finding the Ideal Balustrade for Your Staircase”

Choosing the Right Staircase: Everything You Need To Know

designer staircase

We love being able to add a striking feature or a sturdy, quiet beauty in our customers’ buildings. If you are looking for designer staircases, you have come to the right place. We value our customers’ satisfaction, and we want to help you every step of the way, starting from deciding which stairs to get. Here is a guide we would like to share with you on deciding on the kind of stairs you need.

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The Pros and Cons of Design: Choosing the Right Stair for Your Space


A staircase is one of the most integral parts of a multi-level structure. Even with mechanical innovations, like escalators and elevators, the architectural design of a staircase elevates the space’s aesthetic appeal. These days, many property owners are choosing avant-garde designs to make their staircase the centrepiece of the building. But some designs aren’t practical for use.

Choose a staircase design that is visually pleasing and fully functional. Take into consideration the space, the people who frequent it and how the stair will affect your building’s usability. Ackworth House’s stair designing services includes a step-by-step process that helps you choose the right stair design for your property. Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Design: Choosing the Right Stair for Your Space”

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Matching Your Staircase with Your Home’s Architectural Style


Modern engineering has made several innovative stair designs possible and you can now have almost any staircase you want in your house. But there are traditional pairings between stair and house types. It’s technically possible to install a set of steel floating stairs in a Mediterranean Revival-style home but would you really want to?

When renovating or designing your home, have a look at which staircase design is better suited for the structure’s architectural style. This will help you create a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Continue reading “Matching Your Staircase with Your Home’s Architectural Style”

Leave it to the Pros: Work with a Subcontractor for Your Stairs


The DIY movement has encouraged several homeowners to take things into their own hands. But just because you can attempt it, doesn’t mean you should. Your staircase, for example, is an integral part of your home’s architecture. Taking on its remodelling might lead to mistakes that compromise its structural integrity and cost you a lot in repairs.

Any remodelling project takes time, money and expertise to accomplish properly. Consider hiring a subcontractor for yours. Some homeowners decide against this option because they are misinformed about the service. Find out more about stair subcontractors to discover their value.

Why Hire a Subcontractor

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Floating Stairs

Combining Practical and Eye-Catching Stair Designs


Modern office design covers a range of styles that trend and then merge back into the mixing pot of interior ideas. The open office was popular with the typing pools of the ‘50s and ‘60s; along with computers came the office cubicle, individual office rooms allowed time to concentrate but then collaboration and creativity meant that open plan offices re-emerged. Now all of these ideas are mixed and matched to provide a company with the optimal working environment. Added into the creative world of interior design is the competition to make offices memorable, motivational and multi-functional. But the wilder imagination for design has to comply with the practicality of New Zealand’s building code and fire safety standards.

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Take Your Home to the Next Level with These Staircase Ideas


At the simplest and most functional level, staircases are designed to transport people from one level of the home to another. However, staircases offer more than just function; they can make impactful interior statements as architectural features.

Far from being a functional addition to your home, a well-designed staircase can create a dramatic focal point. If you’re still in the planning stage of decorating your staircase, do it in style with these steps from the experts at Ackworth House. Continue reading “Take Your Home to the Next Level with These Staircase Ideas”

Intercommunicating Stairs: Inspiring Collaboration in the Workplace

Business owners are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to improve workplace culture, increase productivity and keep staff happy. More collaborative, open environments are now very popular and seen as the future, if not all ready the present of office design.

Whether it’s the use of collaborative workstations or mobile wall systems, there are plenty of ways to foster collaboration through design. You can even utilise your staircase by transforming it to better suit an open-concept office design.

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