Using Concrete Stair Treads in Industrial Home Design

concrete stairs

Concrete is commonly used for strictly practical purposes like sidewalks, driveways and building foundations. However, recent interior design trends have explored the aesthetic potential of this material, specifically in industrial design. Concrete creates raw, imperfect and inconsistent surfaces, which favours the rough, unpolished and rustic features of industrial design.

Aesthetic Characteristics of Concrete

Bare concrete is hardly turned into a focal point in interior design, which is why concrete makes for a great element of surprise.

Concrete adds a bold punch of visual interest to any room and immediately catches the eye. The heaviness of concrete lends visual weight to any space, giving off a crisp, organic vibe with its raw and seemingly imperfect appearance.

Recently, a polished version of industrial design emerged, which created a balance between refined and rustic elements. This style is ideal for homeowners who are not too keen on displaying exposed pipes, bricks and concrete. Polished industrial design uses the same kinds of materials in industrial design. The main difference is that the surfaces in polished industrial design are, true to its name, polished rather than raw and texturised.

How to Use Concrete in Residential Interior Design

Due to its heavy visual weight, and the fact that the foundation of most homes is made of it, concrete in interior design must be used on a smaller scale – more like an accessory rather than a prevalent motif. The key to decorating with concrete is achieving balance. If used too generously, concrete appears excessively stark or overwhelming.

Concrete is best paired with natural elements like wood and steel. You can match concrete with contrasting hues or any colour from its colour theory matches. You can also focus on the texture of concrete and juxtapose it with natural light, subtle curves and precise architectural forms.

Using Concrete in Staircases

Stairs make for great focal points in residential interior, which is why many modern homes are designed with concrete stair treads. Concrete is a strong and durable material that can withstand foot traffic and heavy weights, making it a sensible material to use in stair treads. Concrete’s muted colours bring a subtle yet sophisticated edge to an industrial home design without appearing rigid or unfinished.

Concrete Stair Treads from Ackworth House

Elevate the look of a home with concrete step treads from Ackworth House. We offer polished concrete treads combined with steel stair stringers to achieve a subdued yet stylish staircase. For those looking for more variations, our concrete treads come in a wide range of colours and finishes. We also offer various profiles to help you achieve your desired architectural feats.

Our products are built to the highest standards and building specifications. In providing stylish staircases, we always keep in mind the safety of the household.

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