The Benefits of Steel Stairs

If you’re looking for new stairs, Auckland wide, to bring a unique element to your home, why not consider steel stairs?
Compared to traditional timber stairs, steel staircases offer a modern perspective that can work aesthetically and functionally in your home. In addition, steel provides a highly versatile building material with perks for consumers and the environment. Today we’ll be outlining these benefits to help you create a unique design for your home. 

Benefits of Steel Staircases

Steel staircases offer a range of benefits when compared to timber staircases, from reduced staining issues and lower maintenance, to name a few. They are about as economical as you can get offering a long term investment in your home. 

Modern Aesthetic

In the last half-century, interior trends have moved towards more sleek and minimal designs. Steel is often associated with modern applications as it pairs nicely with timber, glass and other materials offering a versatile building material. 
Steel is also an extremely flexible material with an impressive strength to weight ratio. It means that a steel staircase can efficiently be designed in innovative and experimental ways for forward-thinking architects and designers. Steel can also be finished with many coatings, opening creative freedom for designers. 

Quick Installations

The fabrication process for metal stairs is highly flexible, which means they can be constructed to almost any specification. Steel sections come ready-made, which means all that’s left is their installation in your home. Once built, installation is usually a piece of cake; these speedy installation time frames will also lower costs. 

High Resilience Levels

Metal stairs are robust, durable and built to last. Compared to timber stairs, they won’t show any signs of aging over time or are susceptible to bugs and rot. Instead, your steel or aluminium stairs will simply be treated with an anti-rust and corrosion coat to protect them for years to come. 
In addition, metal stairs can hold weights far above wooden stairs, which gives more scope to create unusual shapes and designs.

Creating Unique Designs

Because of their added strength and versatility, steel stairs can be used in various styles, unattainable with timber stairs. This includes straight up and down, ornately curving, grand stairways, wrap-around designs and many more. 
Steel stairs can also be installed with glass and timber elements to create a unique wow factor. Whether you want soft and elegant or industrial and hard-edged, metal should always be your material of choice.

Design Your Stairway Today

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