Choose the Right Design for Your Home’s Floating Staircase

floating staircase

Staircases have a big impact on defining the aesthetic look of your home. Whenever people walk into a home, the first focal point that typically meets their eyes is the staircase. It’s a structure with both function and presence that when customised, threads seamlessly into the architectural style of any modern or traditional home.

While some homeowners opt for standard staircases, others transform the look of their home with floating stairs.

What is a Floating Staircase?

A floating staircase is a staircase with minimal or no visible support between the treads. It has no risers, creating the illusion that it is floating. In some cases, the treads cantilever from the wall and are supported on the other side by a balustrade. In others, the floating staircase has a single spine running below the treads.

Floating staircases, which are of European design, are one of the more stylish staircases in the market that enhance a home’s interior design. A lack of structure beneath each step creates the illusion of floating treads.

This floating illusion is further enhanced by other stair features such as glass balustrades and minimalist treads.
The light yet sturdy appearance of floating stairs appeals to many homeowners as they can be a dramatic accent to a room’s design. When used in an open floor plan, the staircase allows light to stream into the home, creating a relaxing and natural environment.
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The Functional Beauty of a Floating Staircase

Floating Stairs

The staircase can be a striking architectural feature of a home, occupying a central and highly visible position. Floating staircases are a popular choice in modern homes. With their subtle design that gives an impression of being suspended in air, these staircases add a unique and distinctive element to any home.
Here, we’ve compiled some reasons why you should consider floating stairs. Beyond being simply trendy, these architectural feats in staircase design offer both style and functionality.

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