Rugged Charm: Additions that Up the Rustic Aesthetic in Homes

rustic wooden stairs

Rustic design elements give any space unpretentious warmth.

Rustic designs embrace nature — inspired textures and muted, earthy hues that give the space a unique atmosphere of combined ruggedness and charm. Traditional rustic designs might appear a bit heavier as they incorporate dark-coloured elements as well as features that more discerning homeowners may now frown upon, such as authentic animal hide rugs. Rustic design, however, has evolved to become lighter, fresher and more grounded. The contemporary rustic style is now softer while still maintaining its genuine, nature-inspired appeal.

Here are some additions and changes you can do in your home to achieve a contemporary rustic charm:

Muted, Natural Colour Palettes

Nature’s vibrant hues are equally gorgeous, but typical rustic style calls for more muted tones. Think rich, mud-brown furniture, sand-coloured accents, or pine-green trimmings.

Alternately, you may also simply go for plain white walls. White walls make a great blank canvas for your rustic décor, and when left plain, they elevate the bright, cheerful atmosphere that’s characteristic of rustic spaces.

Raw Elements

The most important component of the rustic design is the raw, natural elements present in both the architecture and décor. Incorporate some natural-looking faux sheepskin throw or some zebra or cowhide rugs that maintain the cohesiveness of your contemporary rustic style.

As rustic style accentuates the natural state of things, it pays to incorporate raw wood accents that highlight its knottiness, tones, and grain. If there aren’t enough wood elements in your home, you may consider installing large, chunky beams on the ceiling or changing the floors to wood. The stairs are also one area of the home that you can quickly transform to wood.

Timber is a popular material for flooring systems and stairs because of its strength and aesthetic. When looking to install wooden stairs, you may turn to Ackworth House for the real thing. We use quality timber to create beautiful, long-lasting wooden staircases that will blend well with your existing contemporary rustic home.

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