The Importance of Steel Stringers

Stairs are an integral part of everyday life that often goes unnoticed by individuals. Passing by a set of stairs, it’s not likely that you’ll start to think about the design and health and safety considerations. Steel stringers, treads or balustrades are elements in a staircase that often go unnoticed but represent the structural pillars that ensure the functionality and safety of pedestrians and homeowners. 
Today we’ll be taking a deep dive into the importance of steel stringers in your stairwell. 

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The Benefits of Steel Stairs

If you’re looking for new stairs, Auckland wide, to bring a unique element to your home, why not consider steel stairs?
Compared to traditional timber stairs, steel staircases offer a modern perspective that can work aesthetically and functionally in your home. In addition, steel provides a highly versatile building material with perks for consumers and the environment. Today we’ll be outlining these benefits to help you create a unique design for your home. 

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How to Care for Your Timber Staircase

It’s easy to understand why timber stairs are one of the most popular options when homeowners consult their staircase manufacturer. Adding warmth repel dust and dirt and are softer underfoot than steel and glass. While timber stairs may take a little more care to protect in the long run, they can offer added character and warmth to the interior of your home. 

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Ascendo Floating Stairs

What Regulations Govern Floating Stair Designs in NZ?

When building in New Zealand, most floating stair designs will fall under either a main private stairway or secondary private stairway. 

A main private stairway consists of a private stairway with the sole purpose of providing access to and from frequently used spaces such as living areas, kitchens and garages. All exterior private stairways are also categorised under this section.

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Ackworth House Project Case Study: Queen St, Auckland CBD

Ackworth House has specialised in the joinery industry for over 40 years, providing floating stair designs and remodels across New Zealand. We’ve worked hard to become a trustworthy and reliable joinery and construction company New Zealand homeowners turn to when planning to build their transitional spaces between levels. 

Today we’ll be showcasing one of our most recent projects, giving you an inside look into our installation process and the total transformation we create for our clients. 

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How to Modernly Renovate Your Interior Stairs

While many stair designs have proven timeless, some no longer fit into present home styles. Stairs are usually the focal point of your home seen from the front entrance; it means your entire home can really be judged by the look and condition of your stairs. Auckland’s Ackworth House wants to help recreate that first presence without having to completely rebuild the centre function of your house. 

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How To Design a Floating Staircase

If you are thinking of modernising your home’s style and function, a staircase is an unexpectedly good place to start. A floating staircase can be a stunning design feature that opens up even the smallest of entrance ways and landings. As well as improving the safety of your home. 

Ackworth House can provide all the solutions you’d need for your floating stair designs, NZ wide. With this clear guide on the elements needed to design your home’s new floating staircase, planning just got a whole lot easier. 

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