Matching Stairs with Balustrades

Ackworth House offers bespoke staircase and balustrade systems NZ wide. We are a family-owned business with 40 years’ experience in staircase design.

We combine locally focused service with an international appreciation for design and colour trends in home furnishings, architecture and graphic design.

We translate these elements of style into enduring and beautiful staircases for our valued clients.
However, in the early phases of the design process, one of the most common questions we receive is “which balustrades go with my stairs?”

While staircase design is as unique as you are, there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to matching stairs and balustrades. Of course, rules are meant to be broken, but if you want to know where to start, then consider the following staircase and balustrade combinations.

Floating Staircase

Floating staircases are known for their ability to provide uninterrupted space, so it only makes sense to install balustrades that are just as airy and open in appearance. Glass is the perfect match for floating staircases in open plan settings, especially if you want to exaggerate the sense of lightness in the room.

Timber Staircase

Timber is one of those rare materials that likes its own company. Timber staircases often pair well with timber balustrades and the results range from modern designs with a Scandivian feel through to traditional staircases inspired by eras past. That said, there’s a difference between raw, varnished, and painted timber, and each of these categories produce vastly different effects that can be used in combination. For example, you may opt for exposed wooden treads but paint the balusters, or vice versa! Wood is a fantastic blank canvas, which explains it’s huge popularity in interior design. However, like denim on denim, timber balustrades with timber steps don’t work for everyone, even when you’re inspired by tradition.

Traditional Staircase

Traditional doesn’t always mean conventional, a fact we observe time and time again at Ackworth House. Elegant timber treads can be enhanced with wrought iron balustrades for a high-art effect, while glass can heighten the grandeur of a split staircase. Traditional staircases can be darker than modern iterations, so “light” materials like open wrought iron balusters and glass can help rebalance the room, while putting emphasis on the history and beauty of the staircase itself.

Modern Staircase

Modern designs are often characterised by clean lines and geometric shapes, but what can achieve this best other than steel? Steel balustrades are robust, dramatic and timeless, and perfectly suited to a wide range of natural materials such as timber, brick and stone. Steel sheets can be coated or cut to create eye-catching room dividers, while raw steel balustrades in a range of shapes and sizes create natural silhouettes.

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