Matching Your Staircase with Your Home’s Architectural Style


Modern engineering has made several innovative stair designs possible and you can now have almost any staircase you want in your house. But there are traditional pairings between stair and house types. It’s technically possible to install a set of steel floating stairs in a Mediterranean Revival-style home but would you really want to?

When renovating or designing your home, have a look at which staircase design is better suited for the structure’s architectural style. This will help you create a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Timber Stairs

timber staircase is one of the most common designs for homes. It is a popular choice because of its timeless appeal, structural strength and durability. Aside from this, a timber staircase is highly versatile and can adapt to different types of architectural styles.


The farmhouse-style home is known for its practicality and its cosiness. But more homeowners are playing with this architectural style and modernising it. A modern farmhouse should still incorporate a fair amount of visible wood to retain a sense of rustic charm. You can maintain its simple and classic aesthetic for the exterior while transforming the interior with contemporary design elements,  such as adding industrial touches like metal chairs or other furnishing with metal accents.

A timber staircase will keep the sense of country life with the timber complementing and harmoniously blending with the rest of the soft wooden elements of the house.


The Colonial-style home is a classic architectural design. Building materials vary from brick to wood to stone, but colonial style houses are always more than one storey high and features are symmetrical and balanced. Rooms tend to be large and the focal point tends to be the staircase. A timber staircase adds a strong sense of warmth to a home which is perfect for a family.

Steel Stairs

Steel staircases are often found in commercial buildings. But more property owners are choosing to have this design installed in their homes. With the right design, this urbanised staircase can look warm and inviting in your home.


A transitional home is one that combines classic and contemporary design elements. This means keeping to a neutral colour palette, and mixing soft furnishings with straight lined designs. This gives the design an equal masculine and feminine quality. Industrial materials, such as steel stairs and glass walls are blended together to create both contrast and harmony. Your staircase can double as a functional art piece in this type of home.

Floating Stairs

Ackworth House developed the Ascendo Floating Stairs for both residential and commercial use. It combines modern elements with classic materials for an eye-catching staircase. This design is flexible and can be paired with several types of architectural styles.


The craftsman architectural style was founded during the Arts and Crafts Movement in the 20th century. It is characterised for its use of natural materials, normally wood. Interiors are often strongly lined with windows and doors being thickly set with prominent trim. There’s a great deal of attention paid to surface decoration and this makes it the ideal matchup for floating stairs which express a strong sense of design in the home yet have it a lighter, more modern touch.

A craftsman home can also be enhanced with a conventional staircase but it needs to be built to a high degree of design and workmanship to accentuate the rest of the detailed finish of the rest of the house.

Elevate your home with a staircase design that catches the eye. Ackworth House is your partner in designing, building and installing your preferred style of staircase.

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