Main Characteristics of a Modern Industrial Interior Design

industrial design staircase

While many people may settle with sleek and minimalistic interiors, modern industrial homeowners expose what lies beneath perfect walls and decorations with an edgy and raw style. The imperfections that other interior styles hide are what industrial designs expose. This design achieves an unfinished look by turning structural elements into home designs, providing a basic, chic and cohesive look.

The modern industrial design is becoming a trend around the world as it is used in more commercial spaces, modern homes and loft apartments. This type of interior design celebrates mechanical and engineering innovation as it combines the modern and sleek, the refined with the raw and the classic with vintage.

If you are considering building your home featuring an industrial look, here are a few key characteristics you might want to know:

Bare Tubes and Pipes

People usually hide tubes and pipes, popular elements in an industrial interior design. Tubes and pipes started out as a necessity but eventually became a sought-after element in industrial interiors when warehouse apartments gained popularity. Many design enthusiasts go for an unfinished look that bare tubes and pipes give especially for spaces with exposed ceilings. This metal piping offers a contrast when exposed in all-white spaces.

The concept of bare and exposed pipes is also incorporated in furniture. The combination of wood and metal can be found in industrial interiors. Designers combine the neutrals and earth tones that wood and metal give such as in shelves, tables and chairs.

Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces are commonly featured in industrial spaces as this style combines the vintage and the contemporary. Vintage pieces can add a unique look to interiors and help build industrial furnishings. Many people use classic furniture, but others are inspired from old laboratory and factory pieces. Industrial kitchen bars and the classic draftsman chair are common vintage pieces.

Concrete Stair Treads

Aside from featuring exposed brick and concrete walls, concrete stair treads are a great addition to industrial interiors. They’re ideal for interiors that have bare concrete floors to give a seamless look. Concrete treads are not only a great theme; they also promote durability as they are built to last and do not rust.

Open Spaces

Industrial interiors emphasise empty space more than most other styles. Industrial interiors feature bold elements that are meant to stand out, like pieces in a museum. Open spaces themselves become an essential part of the design.

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