How a Custom Staircase Heightens Your Home

If they say the kitchen is the heart of the home, then perhaps the staircase is the spinal cord – seamlessly supporting the parts around it. 

Many copy-paste homes use stairs as a mere interval between levels with no self-expression or distinctive nature. This is why a custom indoor or outdoor staircase can make or break a well-styled home and add value that transcends design trends. 

If you want to level up the quality of your home or office, don’t count out the staircase as the pièce de résistance. And here’s why:

Love the Look of a Custom Staircase

If you’ve never appreciated a beautiful staircase, it’s possible that you’ve never seen one. 

The best staircases toe the line between grabbing your attention and complementing the surrounding space. 

With many bits and pieces – rails, steps and maybe exposed nuts and bolts – as well as numerous materials to work with, the design possibilities of each staircase are far more than the layman might realise. 

Whether it’s straight, spiral, L- or U-shaped, or something more intricate, consider how your custom staircase clicks conveniently into its surroundings and stands out without getting in the way.

Add Value To Your Home

How well you design your custom staircase can pay dividends down the track as a striking staircase can attract savvy home buyers and add value to offset the extra cost. 

Consider it like a whole separate room in the building. Just as no one’s buying a house without an adequate kitchen, a sustainable spinal cord is becoming equally as important. 

Staircases inside the home are often one of the first things you see as you cross the threshold, making them an integral part of the house’s identity. And in the housing market, first impressions and gut feelings are vital.

Optimise Living Space

As discussed, a well-designed custom staircase can click neatly into place while still catching your eye. It should stand out without standing in the way.

It’s important to have in-depth discussions with your designer to ensure everyone understands the nature of the space before throwing something too bulky or extravagant into the mix. 

While staircases are an important feature in the modern home, they shouldn’t take away from valuable floor space – the real money maker. 

Despite this, don’t for a second think a smaller living space must omit a beautiful staircase. Ackworth House are yet to encounter a designer who doesn’t relish the challenge of working with constraints, be it space, cost, or style.

Retrofit To Reinvigorate

A custom staircase can be the perfect jumping off point as you gradually renovate from the inside out. 

Unless you’ve got the cash to pull off a full house renovation at once, why not start with the staircase and replace the stair rails, carpet, or lighting. 

As we’ve discussed, consider the staircase its own room of the house and give it a revamp like you would with any other. While installing a whole new custom staircase designed by Ackworth House is ideal, you’d be surprised how the little things can make a difference – floorboards are still in vogue, you know!

Start Connecting Your Home With Ackworth House!

If you have any questions about beginning or upgrading your stairway designs, contact one of our experts or view the range of staircase styles available on our website.

No matter what trends come and go, a custom staircase can be prepared to stand the test of time. We look forward to designing yours today.