Custom Staircases: Taking Interior Design to the Next Level

Staircases have evolved from being a functional part of a building to becoming a focal interior point. They are the first thing visitors see when they step inside a residential or commercial space, and they help form an impression of the property.

Because of this, homeowners, architects and designers continue to come up with different staircase designs that are aesthetically pleasing while meeting building regulations. Aside from the traditional straight stairs, there are several types of stairs that suit the needs of different buildings. These include L-shaped stairs, spiral stairs and curved stairs. Staircase builders also experiment with different materials to elevate the staircase’s function and visual appeal.

Although there are standard staircase designs, they may not meet the requirements for your house or commercial space. In this case, you can request for a customised design.

The Benefits of Custom Staircases

There are many staircase designers that allow you to request for tailored designs based on what you want for your property. Here are three reasons why you should consider custom stairs over traditional types:

  • Solving Space Limitations

Custom stair designs are ideal for properties with particular space and safety considerations. Some houses and buildings don’t have enough space for a standard staircase, and bespoke designs solve this problem. Skilled manufacturers can create staircases that fit within the limited space while still complying with the local building codes.

  • Matching the Property Interiors

Opting for a custom staircase in your property allows you to come up with one-of-a-kind designs. Whether you have a design in mind or are seeking help from designers, there is a wide range of designs and materials to choose from that will ensure that the staircase fits with the overall theme of your property.

  • Increasing the Value of the Property

People often focus on upgrading the landscape and improving interior furnishing to boost property value. Staircases also help increase the value of your home. Since they’re the first thing people see when they enter the property, having an eye-catching design leaves a good impression on potential buyers. A beautifully crafted custom staircase gives a premium feel and ensures that the property value is higher than when it was first bought.

Considerations for Custom Stair Designs

When coming up with a design, look around the property first. Ask yourself what overall theme of the building and how you want the staircase to look like. It helps to check for inspiration online so that you have a clearer picture of your plans.

A stair design will not be executed properly without the right team doing the job. Research available designers and discuss with them your ideas for the staircase. These designers have a dedicated team of architects and builders that will tweak your design and turn it into something visually appealing yet functional.

Bespoke Staircases from Ackworth House

For the past 40 years, Ackworth House has been designing, manufacturing and installing staircases in modern homes and commercial spaces in New Zealand. We offer a wide selection of staircase design ideas to choose from, including our Ascendo Stair series that features floating staircases. Our team also customises designs to meet your requirements.

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